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Chickens Toys 101: Ingenious Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss

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Toys for Chickens
10 Best Toys for Your Backyard Chickens

Chickens enjoy getting busy. Most of the time, they are constantly rushing around, scratching, and pecking at stuff. They are social creatures and like to interact with other chickens. It’s important to give them plenty of things to keep them busy. A coop with a lot of wood shavings, an obstacle course with toys and things for them to scratch and peck at, and nesting boxes where they can lay eggs all give chickens plenty to keep them entertained.

When they can’t find anything that resembles those activities, they get bored. When you find that your chickens become bored, this can, later on, lead to unhealthy behaviour and may result in serious health issues.

Any activity that allows for natural chicken behaviour can be considered playing, so anything that encourages that can be called a toy! If you have chooks, then it’s best that you have several chickens toys ready to keep them occupied.

Toys for Chickens

Have a look at these ten chickens toys that you can easily make to keep them entertained and healthy all the time… 🙂

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The Best 10 Chickens Toys for Happy Hens

1. Interactive Treat Dispensers

This is a very easy project that you can do using empty plastic containers. As much as possible choose a sturdy one, like a soda bottle or a peanut butter jar. Simply drill holes that are just big enough for the chicken treats to fall through. Make sure to remove any loose plastic pieces that your chooks might accidentally ingest. Fill it with chicken feed, put the lid back on, and give it to your chickens!

chicken treat ball dispenser
2. Shredded Newspaper

All animals love shredding paper! Dogs, cats, parrots, and your chickens! It’s the perfect way to entertain your furry friends and give them a little stimulation. Plus, it’s a great way to recycle all that extra paper you have lying around the house. So next time you’re looking for a fun activity for your animal companions, remember that shredding paper is always a good option!

3. Perching Places

Aside from the chicken roost inside the coop, they should also have a climbing structure outdoors which allows for some physical exercise. You can easily do that by simply putting together some tree branches. You can also build one that is higher and with more climbing ‘steps’ for a chicken jungle gym!

wooden chicken perch
4. Old Tree Stump/Branch

If you have trees in your yard, here’s a good use for a fallen branch or a dead tree log. Simply leave them in one place for a few days and wait for bugs and other creepy crawlies to seek refuge under it. After that, you can turn it over and let your chickens find and peck away the treats!

5. Old CDs

Chickens see color better than we do. So if you still have some old broken CDs in your recycle bin, they will surely love this colorful recycled toy! Simply hang it anywhere where they can reach it. You can also use broken ones by sticking the pieces to a softball.

6. Compost Piles

Chickens are known to be social creatures that enjoy the company of others, so it’s no surprise that they also enjoy a little ‘work’. If you want to create your compost, they will gladly help. Chickens will eat all the bugs and worms, and shred, turn, and mix everything else! This is a win-win situation for all involved.

7. Dust Baths

Dust baths are a great way for chickens to stay clean. But aside from that, they also serve as a venue for socializing and ‘playing’. Dust baths are basically like chicken spa days, and who doesn’t love a good spa day? Read more about it here.

Your chicken will need a dust bath area that is about 10-12 inches deep and at least a foot wide. You can use a kiddie pool, a plastic bin, or anything else that is deep enough and has smooth sides (no sharp edges!). Fill the bottom of the bath with about 4 inches of sand, dirt, or a mixture of the two.
Once your chickens are in the dust bath, they will start flapping their wings and throwing the sand/

Backyard Flock Dust Bath Jug with Shaker Lid
8. Pet Bird Toys

Just like with the old CD, anything colourful that stimulates their curiosity will entertain them. These baby toys are great for chicks since it’s not advisable to give them ‘food toys’. Baby chicks love to explore and play, so giving them something that they can peck at and chew on is the perfect way to keep them entertained. Plus, it’s a great way to help them develop their coordination and motor skills.

Chicken toys for coop
9. Run/Tunnel

We’ve shared the perks of having a chicken run before, and this idea is definitely on this list.

If you’re a chicken enthusiast, you know that there are endless advantages to having a chicken run. Not only does it provide your chickens with a safe and spacious area to roam, but it also gives them a chance to get some much-needed exercise.

But did you know that you can also make a mini chicken run for your chicks? It’s a great way to let them get some fresh air and explore. To make a mini chicken run for your chicks, simply cut the top off of a plastic container (like a milk jug or 2-litre soda bottle) and let them enjoy passing through it like little kids on a playground! It’s a

10. Rope Swing

Here’s a great exercise tool for their feet to help keep them on their roosts. All you need is two cuts of ropes and a wooden rod or tree branch to create a swing. This is especially good for their feet and legs, which tend to be weaker than other parts of the bird’s body. This exercise will improve their balance, increase strength, and prevent the wearing away of the footpads. Make sure the swing is level!

Swing for chicken coop

You can also make your chickens happy with these Eight Healthy Homemade Treats For Your Chickens and Things That Will Keep Your Chickens Healthy and Happy…

Looking to build a chicken coop but don’t want to spend a fortune? Check out our free chicken coop plans here

Cluck ‘n’ Roll: Safety First With Chickens Toys!

Hey there, fellow poultry pals! Are you ready to feather your flock’s fun with some exciting chickens toys? Building chickens toys can turn their coop into a playground, but safety comes first! Let’s embark on a clucking adventure and ensure our feathered friends enjoy their toys safely. Check these essential safety precautions to keep in mind when constructing chickens toys:

1. Material Matters:
Choose materials wisely! Opt for non-toxic, sturdy materials that can withstand pecking and scratching. Avoid using treated wood or materials that could splinter, as these pose potential health hazards to your chickens.

2. Size It Right:
Chickens toys should be appropriately sized to prevent any accidents. Ensure that chickens toys are large enough to prevent choking or entrapment. A good rule of thumb is to avoid any openings that a chicken’s head could get stuck in.

3. Smooth Operator:
Sand down rough edges and surfaces to prevent injuries. Chickens love to explore with their beaks, so make sure there are no sharp edges that could cause cuts or abrasions.

4. Sturdy Construction:
Build chickens toys with durability in mind. Chickens can be surprisingly strong and may inadvertently break flimsy constructions, leading to potential hazards. Reinforce joints and connections to withstand vigorous pecking and play.

5. Secure Assembly:
Double-check that all parts are securely attached. Loose screws, nails, or other fasteners can pose choking hazards if accidentally ingested. Regularly inspect chickens toys for any signs of wear and tear, and promptly repair or replace them as needed.

5. Weatherproof Wonder:
If chickens toys will be placed outdoors, ensure they are weatherproof. Rain, sun, and other elements can cause materials to degrade over time, potentially exposing your chickens to harmful substances. Consider using weather-resistant sealants or paints to protect toys.

6. Easy Access:
Provide easy access to chickens toys within the coop or run. Avoid placing toys in areas where chickens may have difficulty reaching them or where they could become trapped.

7. Variety is the Spice of Life:
Offer a variety of chickens toys to keep them entertained and engaged. Rotating toys periodically can prevent boredom and encourage natural behaviours like foraging and pecking.

8. Supervision Recommended:
While chickens are generally resilient creatures, it’s still a good idea to supervise them during playtime, especially when introducing new chickens toys. This allows you to monitor their behaviour and ensure their safety.

9. Regular Maintenance:
Keep chickens toys clean and well-maintained. Remove any debris or dirt buildup regularly, and sanitize chickens toys as needed to prevent the spread of bacteria or disease among your flock.

The Wrap Up

Get ready to embark on an egg-citing adventure filled with clucks and chuckles as we introduce you to a feather-terrific lineup of backyard chickens toys! These egg-cellent creations are sure to keep your flock entertained and delighted, whether they’re pecking, perching, or parading around the coop. From swinging on perches to pecking at foraging boxes, and even strutting in front of mirrors, there’s no shortage of fun to be had in your feathered paradise.

Picture this: your chickens swinging gracefully on their perches, eagerly pecking away at the treasures hidden within foraging boxes, and admiring themselves in the mirror like true divas of the coop. With these chickens toys, your feathered friends will be living their best clucking lives, and you’ll be the hero of the coop!

But wait, there’s more! With a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, you can transform your humble coop into a bustling playground of poultry paradise. Think obstacle courses, drum circles, and even feathered fashion shows – the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

So go ahead, let your creativity run wild and watch as your coop transforms into a haven of clucking fun. With these chickens toys by your side, every day will be an eggstravaganza of excitement for your beloved flock. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to treat your chickens to a world of clucking delight and embark on the ultimate poultry adventure. Happy clucking, indeed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s address some feather-raising FAQs about chickens toys to ensure you’re ready to entertain your flock in style.

Q: Why do my chickens need toys?
A: Chickens aren’t just feathered egg machines – they’re intelligent, curious creatures with a zest for life! Just like us, they need mental and physical stimulation to thrive. Chickens Toys are the secret ingredient to keeping your flock happy and healthy.

They provide essential enrichment, turning the mundane into the magnificent, and ensure your feathered friends lead fulfilling lives. Plus, toys alleviate boredom faster than a rooster’s crow at dawn and encourage natural behaviours like foraging and perching, keeping your chickens mentally sharp and physically fit. So, let’s play!

Q: Are these toys safe for my chickens?
A: Absolutely! Safety comes first in the world of chickens toys. We’ve handpicked toys that are as safe as a nest full of fluffy chicks. Each toy is carefully crafted to be chicken-friendly, free from any harmful materials that could ruffle feathers. However, while these toys are designed with your flock’s well-being in mind, it’s essential to keep an eagle eye on playtime.

Regularly inspect chickens toys for wear and tear, and always supervise your chickens as they strut their stuff in the coop. With a watchful eye and a cluck of approval, your chickens will enjoy safe and satisfying playtime, guaranteed!

Q: Will these toys attract pests or predators?
A: Ah, the eternal chicken dilemma – keeping the coop safe from unwanted visitors! While these toys are crafted with safety as sturdy as a coop door, it’s always wise to keep a vigilant eye on your coop surroundings.

Regular maintenance and a thorough coop cleaning routine can help deter pests and predators faster than a chicken can flap its wings. So, keep those coop surroundings spick and span, and your flock will be as snug as bugs in a rug!

Q: How do I introduce these toys to my chickens?
A: It’s time to play Cupid in the coop! Introducing your feathered friends to their new toys is as easy as pie – or should we say, as easy as scattering some tasty treats! Start by placing the chickens toys in your coop or run and observe your chickens’ reactions. T

o kickstart playtime, scatter some of their favorite snacks around the toys like a poultry treasure hunt. Before you know it, they’ll be pecking, perching, and playing like clucking champions!

Q: Can these toys be used for different chicken breeds?
A: From petite bantams to grand Orpingtons, we’ve got toys for every feathered friend in your coop! Whether you’re raising Leghorns, Orpingtons, or Easter Eggers, rest assured these toys are a perfect fit for chickens of all breeds and sizes. Simply adjust the size and placement of toys accordingly, and watch your flock flock to fun like never before!

Q: Will these toys help with egg production?
A: Let’s crack the egg-citing secret wide open! While these toys are the stars of the chicken coop show, their real magic lies in keeping your feathered friends happy and hale. And here’s the sunny-side-up truth: content, stimulated chickens tend to lay more eggs!

While these toys may not directly command the egg-laying brigade, they sure do lay the groundwork for a healthy, thriving flock, which can mean more eggs in your basket. So, while your chickens are busy clucking with joy, you’ll be reaping the rewards of an egg-ceptional harvest!

Q: How often should I rotate or replace these toys?
A: Time to spice up the coop life! Keep a keen eye on the condition of your chickens toys and give them a shuffle regularly to keep boredom from nesting. Just like us, chickens can tire of the same old perch and peck, so mix it up to keep their feathers ruffled with excitement. And if you spot any toys looking a bit worse for wear, don’t wing it – swap them out pronto to ensure your flock stays safe and smiling.

Q: Can these toys be used indoors?
A: Indoor chicken party, anyone? While some toys are built for outdoor adventures, many can easily adapt to indoor play in a chicken-safe environment. Just make sure there’s proper ventilation and enough space for your indoor flock to spread their wings and let loose. So, bring on the indoor clucking fun – your chickens will thank you for it!

With these FAQs feathered and sorted, you’re ready to turn your coop into a paradise of poultry play! Get ready to entertain your flock and watch as they cluck with delight. Happy playing, chicken enthusiasts!


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