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How to Build a DIY Repurposed Swing Set Chicken Coop

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DIY Repurposed Swing Set Chicken Coop

Need a chicken coop? The A-frame of an old swing set could be used to build one!

Raising a small flock of chickens in your backyard allows many benefits. Obviously, the birds are a source of fresh, healthy eggs. These chickens not only provide you with excellent fertilizer for your garden but are also contributing to the establishment of a fantastic and sustainable food ecosystem right in your backyard.

If you’re uncertain about the idea of keeping chickens in your backyard, we’re here to guide you in making an informed decision. Our advice? Just go for it.

Are you searching for an imaginative approach to rejuvenate that unused swing set currently taking up space in your backyard? Why not consider the innovative idea of transforming it into a cozy chicken coop? Not only does this eco-conscious approach align with recycling principles, but it also provides a distinctive and imaginative housing solution for your feathered companions.

One of the most compelling advantages of repurposing a swing set into a chicken coop lies in its potential for cost savings. Instead of investing in a brand-new coop, you can harness the existing framework of the swing set and adapt it to suit your specific requirements. This proves to be an economically savvy solution for individuals seeking to embark on chicken raising without the need to allocate a substantial budget to a high-end coop.

Plus, the exceptional shape and intricate design of the swing set chicken coop have the potential to create an engaging and visually appealing structure. It not only serves as a functional home for your poultry but also acts as an eye-catching focal point that injects personality and charm into your backyard space.

First, you need to build a chicken coop that will serve as their home. This is where they will lay their eggs. It will keep them protected from the weather. And it will keep them safe from predators. A chicken coop will also protect your yard, especially your garden from your chickens, as they’ll happily feast on your produce.

DIY Repurposed Swing Set Chicken Coop

Start the process of crafting a swing set chicken coop using an old swing set as the foundation!

Before crafting, take into account the dimensions of your converted swing set chicken coop and the number of chickens you intend to accommodate. Ensuring ample space for them to roam freely and lay eggs comfortably is essential. Then, deliberate on the necessary materials, which may include items like chicken wire, timber, and roofing materials.

Get creative with the design by adding windows, roosting bars, and nesting boxes. Embrace your inner architect and let your imagination soar when it comes to design possibilities.

Consider introducing charming windows that not only flood your coop with natural light but also provide adequate ventilation for your feathery friends. Also, explore the art of crafting roosting bars where your chickens can comfortably perch and socialize. And for the egg-laying champs in your flock, create cozy and functional nesting boxes where they can lay their prized possessions – those delicious, farm-fresh eggs.

With these design elements, you’re not just building a chicken coop; you’re crafting a haven that seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics.

Are you ready to embark on an egg-citing adventure that marries your childhood nostalgia with sustainable living? Get ready to swing into the world of DIY ingenuity as you discover how to transform that old backyard swing set into a remarkable swing set chicken coop.

Say goodbye to clunky coops and hello to a poultry palace that not only saves you money but also repurposes materials in an eco-friendly fashion. It’s time to hatch a plan for happy hens, roosters, and a coop that’s as unique as you are.


  • Iron Sheeting
  • Chicken Wire
  • 6m length Steel
  • A-frame of a Swing Set
  • Bolts, Washers, and Nuts
  • Netting Rings
  • Door Frame
  • Hinges


  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Cutter
  • Tape Measure

Here’s how to create a DIY repurposed swing set chicken coop:

  1. Remove all parts of the old swing and move the frame to your desired location.
  2. At the base of the swing, attach the frame with bolts.
  3. Measure the roof sheets and cut them into sizes. You will need four pieces of off-cuts for the side cover.
  4. Mount the two roof sheets on top of the frame using the bolts.
  5. After mounting the sheets to the frame, attach the wire mesh using the netting rings.
  6. A door frame is installed with a bolt and two hinges.
  7. Install the Roof ridge carefully. Have the roof ride installed by an expert to ensure the fitted parts

Now, you have the chooks’ feeds hanging from the roof and a DIY repurposed swing set chicken coop.

Looking to build a chicken coop but don’t want to spend a fortune? Check out our free chicken coop plans here

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Thanks to Jojochooks for this great swing set chicken coop project… 

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Feathers and Fun!

You’ve unlocked the secret to building your very own DIY repurposed swing set chicken coop. From playtime to poultry paradise, this guide simplifies the process of transforming an old swing set into a stylish and sustainable coop for your feathered friends, in seven simple steps!

Your childhood playground is about to undergo a remarkable metamorphosis, evolving into a haven where your poultry can thrive in comfort and safety. This swing set chicken coop isn’t just about repurposing; it’s a symphony of innovation and care that guarantees your poultry will experience a new level of contentment and security within their bespoke coop.

Guided by this systematic blueprint, you’ll craft a one-of-a-kind, cost-effective chicken coop that’s bound to capture the admiration of other coop enthusiasts.

Get ready to swing into action and create a cozy haven for your chickens!


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