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6 Creative Chicken Nesting Box Ideas

Chicken Nesting Box Ideas Main Image
Chicken Nesting Box Ideas

If you are raising chickens for the purpose of having your own supply of eggs, then a chicken nesting box is essential in your yard. Now while there are many stores where you can buy nesting boxes, there is a better option for you… Repurpose to make your own chicken nesting box in your backyard.

It is easy to make a DIY standard chicken nesting box. But making a nesting box yourself using repurposed items can lessen your expenses even more. Some of these re-purposing ideas are easier to make, too!

Nesting Box Ideas

And if those are not enough pros for you, most of the ideas below also prove to be easier to maintain than the standard nesting box design.

These DIY chicken nesting box ideas work just like the common, store-bought units. They all provide private and comfortable places for your laying hens. The only difference is that they are cheaper and better!

Look at these clever re-purposing chicken nesting box ideas that will surely be loved by your chooks! 🙂

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Old Dresser

Thinking of throwing out your old dresser? Please don’t! Make them a nesting box for your chickens. This is an idea that requires virtually no effort to make.

Simply add a straw and you’ve got your hens a spacious yet private and cozy place to lay eggs! But, make sure to put it somewhere safe!

Milk Crate

If you’ve got access to a good number of milk crates then you can use them to build a good chicken nesting box for all your hens, this is an easy DIY project for you.

You just need to build a simple frame where you will put the milk crates and add straws in them and you’re done! You may even stack them vertically if you need to.

Gallon Buckets

Here’s one of the more common items you can find in many homes. Got some empty gallon buckets waiting for a new purpose? They can be easy-to-clean nesting ‘boxes’!

These gallon boxes will serve as a safe nesting place for your chickens. You may not even need to exert a lot of effort to transform them. Check out these pictures for your reference.

Kitty Litter Bucket

Don’t like the gallon buckets? How about these square containers? These square containers will help you stack

The Kitty Litter Bucket is a device used by cat owners. It is a plastic bucket that has been cut in half and welded back together. The top part of the bucket has a hole cut in it for the cat to enter.

The bottom part contains litter for the cat to use. When the cat has used the litter, the owner will scoop it out of the bottom into a bag and dispose of it away from the house.

If in case you don’t have a cat, then your neighbors may have one, you can ask them if you want.

Dollar Store Plastic Bins

Here’s another easy-to-clean nesting box idea. Just take them out and wash them quickly if needed. And if one breaks, you can always replace it without feeling bad for your wallet!

You just need to create a platform where you can attach them and of course, adding some straw will complete this unique chicken nesting box.

Old Pallets

Did you think we forgot all about pallets? If you’ve got small excess/scrap from a previous pallet project, you might still be able to make a nesting box out of them. 🙂

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