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4 Easy Steps to Transform Your Sewing Table into Colour Popping Planter

Last Updated on August 1, 2022 by teamobn

Sewing Table Machine Planter
Old sewing table turned colour popping planter

This is a beautiful transformation of a sewing table turned into a colourful planter. Is there anything more inviting than a clean, and well-furnished porch?

Whether it’s a spacious front porch that greets guests or a back porch that’s perfect for entertaining, we all love the way a porch functions as an additional living room.

That’s why it’s important to make the most of this outdoor space. Think your porch needs a pop of colour to make it more inviting? Why not repaint an old sewing table and turn it into a planter?

Sewing Table Machine Planter

Colourful planters are a great addition to your office or home. The bright colours will definitely bring some happiness and colour to your surroundings.

The sewing table that is transformed into a colourful planter will be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This DIY idea is an easy project you can finish over the weekend. If you’re an experienced DIY-er or upcycler, all you need is four hours to get this job done!

Do you have an old sewing table or side table in your home? You can also easily find one in your favourite local thrift store if you don’t have anything suitable.

Now choose your favourite colour that you think will suit your porch and start converting that sewing table into an adorable planter! Plain bright colours will surely work for adding a pop colour to your porch. If you’re feeling extra artistic, you can put some text or patterns on your table.

It’s really up to you, but if you need some inspiration then view our gallery below. We’ve also included ideas for turning a sewing machine base into a planter for those who want a more vintage/rustic look. 🙂


  • Old Sewing Table / Machine Base
  • Pot (for a sewing table)  / Crate (for a sewing machine base) — choose one that would fit your table/base
  • Paint (optional)
  • Plants of your choice
  • Scrap Wood (for support, if needed)
  • Sandpaper (for light sanding)
  • Polycrylic Spray
  • Stencil / Design of your choice (optional)


  • Trowel
  • Paintbrush
  • Handsaw (if needed)

How to make a colourful planter using your old sewing table?


Before anything else, you need to get your sewing machine out of your sewing table. You need to clean it thoroughly.


After cleaning it, you need to sand it well. Sanding is the action of removing material from a surface by rubbing it with rough sandpaper. Sandpaper comes in a variety of grits, with higher numbers indicating a rougher surface.

Sanding is used for smoothing a surface, deburring, and for finishing wood. It is also used to shape wood, metal, and other materials before other operations such as painting, further shaping, or assembly.

Finishing (OPTIONAL)

After sanding it properly, you need to apply a wood finish. Wood finish is typically used to give the appearance of wood in a very smooth and consistent manner. Finishing your sewing table with a wood finish will make it last longer because this process will protect your woods from daily wear and tear.


After finishing it with a wood finish, which is optional. Painting the table with the colour of your choice will surely enhance its beauty. But make sure that the colour of your choice is suitable for the table.

You can also paint the table in a colour that will match the rest of the decor. However, if you want to match the colour of the room, make sure that you choose a colour that will complement the design of the room.

Click on any image to start the lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer.

You can get step-by-step instructions here
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