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Awesome DIY Table with Built-In Cooler/Planter: 4 Benefits

DIY Tables with built-in cooler/planter
DIY Tables with Built-In Cooler/Planter

Don’t settle for a single-function outdoor table and find one that can give you more. And these DIY tables with built-in cooler/ planter have a lot to offer.

Here’s an idea: Customize your own outdoor DIY table with built-in cooler/planter. It is the perfect addition to any outdoor space.

These table plans from Ana White are clever and fun, featuring built-in planters and cooler boxes that add a functional outdoor element to the tables.

The built-in coolers in the middle of the tables keep your drinks and food chilled. Just fill it with ice and your guests’ favorite beverages, then you won’t have to go back and forth to the fridge to get more drinks.

Whether they’re for outdoor entertaining, summer patio lounging, or backyard chillin’, having a patio table with a built-in planter makes it that much easier to create an inviting space.

Aside from providing a place to set your drinks, a planter table can also serve as a spot where you grow your favorite plant.

On days when the built-in cooler is not in use, use the space and turn it into a planter so you can have a natural or living centerpiece!  What more could you ask for?

Any shape of the table will do since you can adjust the shape and size of the cooler/ planter to place it at the center of it. Whether you use it as a cooler or planter, your table will look more attractive with this DIY Tables feature.

Mark's DIY Picnic Table Cooler - Hallmark Channel

Got a spot for this in your outdoor living area? Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

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Reasons to have a Table With Built-In Cooler/Planter

Perfect for small spaces

Small spaces can be solved with multi-purposed furniture. This furniture is designed to fit in any space and can serve multiple purposes. They save space, while also being efficient.

Display plants and decor

Whether you like to have a unique planter to display your beautiful collection of succulents and cacti or to choose to have a dining table instead won’t be a problem anymore.

With these unique multi-purpose DIY tables, you can now have a ‘show table’ while you dine, which your friends will surely envy.

Keeps drinks cool

Cheers! With these DIY Tables, drinking sessions will never be disturbed. Plus the drinks will be cold throughout the drinking session because of the built-in cooler feature.

This will also save time from running in and out to get drinks in the kitchen. YOu will never miss any part of the conversation with these DIY Tables. You’ll surely love this.

Easily brings indoors when not in use

These DIY Tables can also be portable which means you can easily bring them to any part of the house without a hassle.

DIY Tables are the latest trend in tables and they are the best ones to go for. Made from recycled materials, the DIY Tables are more durable and cost-effective.

They give a unique look to the place in your home or any other place where you want to place it.
The DIY tables are easy to make and require less manpower.

You can make it from scrap materials or you can use the new materials to make the tables.

Learn how to make your own by following the step-by-step instruction here

Integration into Outdoor Spaces

Integrating a table with built-in cooler/planter into your outdoor space not only enhances its functionality but also elevates its aesthetic appeal. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a cozy balcony, this versatile piece can become the centerpiece of your outdoor gatherings.

Here’s how to seamlessly incorporate a table with built-in cooler/planter into various outdoor settings.

Maximizing Small Spaces

In small outdoor spaces like balconies or small patios, a table with built-in cooler/planter serves multiple purposes without crowding the area. Use the table with built-in cooler/planter to keep beverages cold and plants vibrant, doubling as both a functional and decorative piece. Position it as a focal point to maximize space and enhance accessibility.

Enhancing Large Patios

For larger patios, a table with built-in cooler/planter can be used to define different areas. For instance, place it in a dining area to blend seamlessly with outdoor kitchen setups or barbeque stations. The cooler feature keeps drinks within arm’s reach during meals or social gatherings, while the planter adds a touch of greenery and natural beauty.

Complementing Garden Settings

A table with built-in cooler/planter is a perfect addition to garden settings. It can be strategically placed as a rest area in the midst of your garden paths, providing a space to enjoy the surrounding floral scents and colors. The planter portion can be used to cultivate herbs or seasonal flowers, enhancing the sensory experience of your garden.

Creating Multi-Functional Zones

Use a table with built-in cooler/planter to create multi-functional zones in any outdoor space. It’s ideal for those who enjoy entertaining outdoors. During social events, the cooler part keeps beverages accessible, reducing trips inside the house. On quieter days, the planter offers a peaceful green spot for relaxation or casual dining.

By thoughtfully placing a table with built-in cooler/planter in your outdoor areas, you can not only optimize the usability of your space but also increase its charm and functionality. This piece of furniture offers an elegant solution for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living experience.

Customization Ideas

Customizing a table with built-in cooler/planter allows you to tailor its design, functionality, and aesthetics to fit your personal style and the specific needs of your outdoor space. 

Whether you’re aiming for practicality, style, or a blend of both, here are several creative ways to make your table with built-in cooler/planter uniquely yours.

Choose Your Materials

Selecting the right materials for your table with built-in cooler/planter can significantly influence its look and durability. Opt for cedar or teak wood for a classic, weather-resistant option, or go modern with metal and composite materials for a sleeker appearance. Each material can be stained or painted to match your outdoor decor, providing a seamless integration with your existing space.

Adjustable Dimensions

Tailor the dimensions of your table with built-in cooler/planter to fit your space perfectly. If you often host large gatherings, consider a larger table size. For smaller spaces, a compact design with foldable features might be ideal. Ensuring the cooler/planter component is easily accessible and proportionate to the table size enhances both functionality and appearance.

Removable Planter Boxes

Incorporating removable planter boxes into your table with built-in cooler/planter adds versatility and convenience. These can be taken out for easy planting or maintenance and switched out seasonally to suit changing decor or planting needs. You can also alternate between using the space as a cooler or a planter, depending on the occasion.

Decorative Finishes

Add decorative finishes to your table with built-in cooler/planter to elevate its style. Consider intricate woodworking details, such as engraving or scrollwork, for a touch of elegance. Applying a high-gloss sealant not only protects the table but also adds a chic, polished look. For a rustic vibe, a distressed finish might be the perfect choice.

Artistic Embellishments

Personalize your table with built-in cooler/planter with artistic embellishments. Mosaic tiles can create a colorful tabletop, while metal accents or decorative hinges add a sophisticated touch. Integrating LED lighting within or around the cooler can enhance the ambiance during evening use, making your table both functional and visually appealing.

Interchangeable Tops

Offering the option to swap out the tabletops allows for versatility across different occasions. You can have a flat tabletop for regular dining and a recessed one that allows for more depth when using the cooler or planter. Materials like tempered glass or reinforced acrylic provide durability and style, allowing you to view the contents of the cooler or the beauty of the planter below.

Integrated Seating

Consider adding built-in seating to your table with built-in cooler/planter. This could be in the form of benches that slide under the table when not in use or fixed stools that align with the table’s aesthetics. Cushions can be added for comfort, with fabric that complements the outdoor décor and is weather-resistant.

Smart Features

Integrate technology into your table with built-in cooler/planter for a truly modern approach. Adding a USB charging station, Bluetooth speakers, or smart lighting can enhance the functionality of your outdoor space, making it perfect for gatherings where technology plays a central role.

Adjustable Cooler/Planter Depth

Adjustability in the depth of the cooler/planter section can be a significant advantage. Implementing a mechanism that allows the cooler or planter to be raised or lowered can cater to different uses and accessibility needs. This feature can also help with drainage and ease of cleaning.

Themed Design

Theme your table with built-in cooler/planter to match specific decor styles or personal interests. For instance, a nautical theme with rope handles and a blue and white color scheme can evoke a seaside feel. Alternatively, a sports-themed table, complete with team logos and colors, makes a great addition to game day festivities.

Eco-friendly Features

For those environmentally conscious, incorporating eco-friendly features into your table with built-in cooler/planter can make a big difference. Use reclaimed wood or sustainable materials for the build. For the planter, include a self-watering system to conserve water or integrate a composting feature that lets you use kitchen waste as fertilizer.

By customizing your table with built-in cooler/planter, you can create a piece that not only meets your functional needs but also reflects your personal style and enhances your outdoor living space. These customization options allow you to build a table that’s as unique as it is practical, perfect for any outdoor setting.


Building a table with built-in cooler/planter offers a creative and functional enhancement to any outdoor space. This versatile piece not only serves as a focal point for gatherings but also combines the joys of gardening and leisure in one stylish fixture. With customizable options, you can design a table that perfectly suits your needs and aesthetic preferences.

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