Rain Chain Ideas

Need to have your downspout replaced? Instead of buying boring pipes, why not make rain chains using recycled materials?

Rain Chain Ideas

Rainchains are a wonderful alternative to downspouts. Rain chains don’t only manage rain water but also decorate your home’s exterior. They are widely used in Japan, where houses wear them like dangling jewelry!

There are several materials for you to choose from — new or recycled.

Take a look at our examples below and see what will suit your home the most!

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DIY Ombre Rain Chain

Use mini terra cotta pots and colour them with your excess paint for a more good looking rain chain.


These copper rings came from a roll of copper refrigeration tubing. You can be more creative and make your own link patterns!


Do you know where you could get some beautiful stones in your area? Simply tie them with wires and you’ll have this beach themed rain chain!


Here’s a rustic rain chain idea. Now that’s one way to collect more water for household use.


Spoons and other silverware also make good rain chains. Just imagine how water will look flowing through the spoons!

Wine Bottles

Now who doesn’t have empty wine bottles stored in their houses? Simply cut your glass bottles in half and use the top part for making your rain chain. The other half can be used as a planter.

Metal /Brass

Do you have any metal /brass items which you think can be a wonderful rain chain? You can get some from of an old chandelier, for example.

Tart Tin

You can also make a rain chain using tart tins if you have a baker in the family. Do you know someone who will love this idea?

These are just some of the beautiful ideas for making a rain chain for your house. If you have more creative ideas to add to the list, you can share it with us through the comments section below. 🙂

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