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DIY Airplane Swing – Extraordinary Way to Play

Build this fabulous DIY Airplane Swing

Up, up and away! This DIY airplane swing could be one of the coolest things to build for your kids!

This would be a great DIY gift that only requires $30-40 from your wallet, depending on the available materials that you have. If you’ve got a 3- to 6-year-old, why not make them their own airplane?

Airplanes are indeed the best toys for young boys. Playing with an airplane can be engrossing and entertaining for hours.

This is no doubt due to the sheer variety of games that can be played with them. There is the classic dogfight game, where the two planes fly around shooting at each other. There is the game of hide and seek, where one plane is hidden among the others.

And of course, there is the game of attack, where one plane flies around dropping bombs on the other planes. But of course there nothing that can beat the airplane swing.

A child’s excitement will be aroused the moment that the airplane swing is brought to them. Children love swings, and parents hope that their children will grow to love climbing on the playground swing and riding it for fun.

Not comfortable with the airplane swing idea? How about building a rocking airplane instead? Simply use a wider wood for the body and shape it accordingly into a rocking chair!

DIY Airplane Swing

The swing can be installed in the shade, so the children are not exposed to the hot summer sun, and the swing should be spaced a maximum of six feet from the ground. Heat stroke is dangerous, especially for your kids.

It will eventually lead to dehydration and then the child will experience dizziness. If the child remains in this condition, the child could experience fainting or even death. Letting your child play in an airplane swing under the shade is a good way to avoid heat stroke.

The total height of the swing should be lower than the height of the child, for example, for a 4-year-old, the swing should be about 3.5 feet tall. The swing should be placed on soft ground, such as grass, in order to absorb some of the shocks from the swing.

The swing should also be attached to a strong and safe steel cable, which can support the child’s weight.

The swing should also be attached to a strong and safe steel cable, which can support the child’s weight. This is the only safe way to secure a swing to a tree. If you choose to attach the airplane swing to a tree, make sure the tree is healthy and strong, as well as free of branches that might block the swing.

The seat on the swing should be well padded, and the handles should be secure enough so that the child cannot fall out. Got the goggles ready?

You’ll need these materials:

  • 1- 2x4x8 Pine
  • 1- 1x8x8 Pine
  • 1- 1x6x10 Pine
  • 1″ dowel, 6-8 inches long
  • Box of 2″ Outdoor screws
  • A handful of 1 1/4″ outdoor screws
  • 1- 3″ lag screw for a prop (plus a few washers)
  • 20′ +/- rope
  • 1- 3″ eye screw
  • 4- 3″ long eye lag bolts, plus washers. (mine were 5″ and way too long)
  • 2 rope clips
  • Glue
  • Paint

And these tools:

  • Circular Saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Sander
  • Drill

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Thanks to dunnlumber for this great project. You can get the step-by-step instructions here

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