Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse

Bamboo Courtyard Teahouse – HWCD Associates

ShiQiao, Yangzhou China – World Consulting & Design (HWCD) Building Area: 400m2 Completed: May 2012 Yangzhou is a city located to the north-west of Shanghai. It is home to Huaiyang-style cuisine which ranks as the top of all eight famous Chinese cuisine styles. Focussed on pastries and snacks as the key components, it’s customary for […]

The Baumraum Treehouse

Pendelhof Tree House by Baumraum - Bremerhaven, Germany

Hechtel-Eksel, Belgium – Baumraum Bookings:     The Treehouse Photography:      Markus Bollen The inspired team at Baumraum have built more than 40 treehouses to date – in Europe, Brazil and the USA.  Based in Bremen, they have focussed on experimental constructions on the ground, in trees and by or on water for children and adults. The designs are […]

Tea House with Hanging Garden – A1 Architects


Concept only – A1 Architects This concept is so simple yet so lovely we thought you might enjoy it.  Imagine this in your garden somewhere, birds singing as you read without interruption, breathing in the serenity, hearing leaves rustling in a light breeze.  Sold? Click on any image to start lightbox display.  Use your Esc key to […]

Tea House in a Garden

Prague Czech Republic – A1 Architects Built:    2008 Area:     7 m2  (75 sq ft) This firm of architects has a definite penchant and finesse in designing and building teahouses.  They have taken the essence of the classical Japanese concept to Europe. We’ll let the owner do the talking: The Garden At the foot of […]

Hat Tea House

The Hat Tea House - A1 Architects

Ostrava Czech Republic – A1 Architects Does it seem a little incongruous to find a classical Japanese tea house in suburban Ostrava, Czech Republic?  Initially, probably, but why shouldn’t a Czech – or Briton, Canadian or New Zealander, seek the same sense of calm that the Japanese have found for centuries in their back yard tea houses? […]

Black Tea House

Black Tea House

Česká Lípa,  Czech Republic  –  Lenka Křemenová, David Maštálka / A1Architects Built:   2011 Area:   Veranda – 10m2 (108 sq. ft.)   Interior – 3.5m2 (38 sq. ft.) Traditional Japanese teahouses are as much a refuge from the chaos of life as they are a ceremonial focal point.  But the concept and meaning has spread to […]

Takasugi-an, “A Tea House Built Too High”

Takasugi-an, “A Tea House Built Too High”

Nagano Prefecture, Japan – Terunobu Fujimori Photography: Edmund Sumner Teahouses are an essential component of Japanese culture.  They are very quiet. restful places typically designed and built by the owners to increase intimacy with the space. Takasugi was designed and constructed by architect Terunobu Fujimori on a family plot in Chino, Nagano Prefecture. The tree-bound tea house sits atop […]

The Water Temple

The Water Temple

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Kieran Donnellan Year built: 2012 Photography: Courtesy of Water Temple Workshop MEDS – Meeting of design students – was founded in 2010 by students from different countries and different departments of design. It was created with the intention of integrating architecture, interior architecture, industrial design, graphic design into a cohesive group. The […]

The Kernan Teahouse

The Darling Teahouse - Stoney Creek, Connecticut

Stoney Creek, CT  USA  –  Naomi Darling Architecture Photography by Sean Kernan This stunning, minimalist teahouse is in Stoney Creek, Connecticut.  Designed by architect Naomi Darling, it features local and recycled materials to achieve a simple elegance. The stone came from a local quarry, while bamboo was harvested on-site.  The roof is made of recycled metal. “Tea, […]

The Hanging Tea House

The Hanging Tea House - David Jameson Architect

Washington DC  –  David Jameson Year built:     2009 Approximate Area:     16 m2 (173 sq. ft.) Photography:     Paul Warchol Bronze, timber and bamboo give this ‘me space’ the look and feel of a Japanese tea house. Suspended from a pair of steel arms, it hangs like a lantern in the […]