Carbon Monoxide – the silent killer!

Everyone should feel safe in their homes and workplaces and should not have to be concerned with issues such as gas poisoning. Unfortunately, it’s a topic that homeowners need to be aware of due to the existence of and dangers surrounding constantly present gases like carbon monoxide.  There are awareness efforts being made all around the world in order to educate the public about the danger and especially how easy it is for these gases to occur in dangerous concentrations in the home.

Ventilation is key; the simple act of opening windows, even for a small portion of the day can save a life. If you live where the winters are extreme that may not be possible, however there are other ways to prevent poisoning by this toxic gas.

Like any danger, education is paramount. Lives are lost needlessly every years by this preventable cause so even even young children should learn about the danger. This infographic highlights the things you need to know about the dangers of carbon monoxide, especially in the home. It pinpoints the characteristics of the gas; how it manifests itself in people; how it can be prevented and also how it can be treated. Discover more below.

Carbon Monoxide - the silent killer

Carbon Monoxide infographic Pt. 2

Carbon Monoxide infographic Pt.3

Carbon Monoxide infographic Pt.4

You can learn more about this issue at Senator Windows who prepared and supplied the above infographic.




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