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Repurpose Milk Crates Into 9 Convenient Furniture

Several methods to repurpose milk crate.

Have you ever considered using milk crates to organize and decorate your home? I haven’t until I saw these interesting ideas…

How do you usually repurpose milk crates in your household? We only used them as containers for produce. But some people saw more potential in this material and used it for beautiful purposes. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes.

The list below contains ideas for using milk crates as decorations/storage inside the home. It also includes gardening and livestock ideas, which some of you might be doing already. 🙂

What do you think? Did we miss something?

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9 Repurpose Milk Crate Ideas

Vertically Stacked Composter

Repurpose milk crates into vertically stacked composters is not only an ingenious idea; it’s a game-changer for those of us trying to make the most of our spaces while contributing to a healthier planet. Imagine transforming your kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost without sacrificing precious backyard space.

Milk crates, with their excellent air circulation and easy-to-stack design, make for an effective and inexpensive composting solution. By stacking milk crates, you create a vertical composter that’s both space-efficient and easy to manage.

Bench with Storage

Have you ever considered a project to repurpose milk crate into chic, functional furniture? Enter the milk crate bench with storage. This is where practicality meets creativity head-on. Repurpose milk crates and topping them with a cushion, you craft a unique piece that’s not just a seat but a storage solution too. Whether you opt for a backrest or a simple, elegant, no-back design, these benches prove that repurposing milk crates can blend style and functionality without breaking the bank.

And yes, if you’re wondering whether these milk crate benches can support your weight, they’re surprisingly sturdy! It’s a testament to the versatility and strength of milk crates when repurposed with a bit of creativity and thought. So, whether you’re composting kitchen scraps or adding a quirky touch to your home decor, repurposing milk crates is a smart, sustainable choice that underscores the beauty of reimagining everyday objects.

Milk Crate Lighting / Lamp

In the world of creative home decor, to repurpose milk crates into lighting fixtures is a stroke of genius that marries style with sustainability. Imagine transforming a simple milk crate into a statement piece that lights up your room with a cozy ambiance. 

Placing a lamp inside a milk crate or hanging one from the ceiling as a light fixture instantly adds a unique, industrial touch to your space. While the idea of a milk crate chandelier might lean towards commercial spaces, a single milk crate lamp in your bedroom can serve as a charming and quirky light source. It’s a brilliant way to repurpose milk crates, ensuring your decor not only stands out but also tells a story of creativity and environmental consciousness.

Nesting Boxes

To repurpose milk crates as nesting boxes for backyard chickens showcases their versatility and aligns perfectly with eco-friendly living. Poultry owners have found that milk crates make ideal homes for hens to lay their eggs, thanks to their robust design and easy-to-clean surface. 

This approach not only provides a cozy spot for your chickens but also emphasizes a sustainable lifestyle by giving new life to these containers. Repurpose milk crates in your chicken coop to support your egg-laying friends with a comfortable and secure nesting space, reflecting a commitment to reusing and recycling.

Wall Storage Shelf

The idea to repurpose milk crates into wall storage shelves is nothing short of creative brilliance. Whether opting for a harmonious look with crates of the same color or injecting some fun with a variety of hues, milk crates mounted on your wall can become the perfect solution for storing and displaying your treasures. 

By choosing to repurpose milk crates in this manner, you not only tackle storage challenges but also add a personal touch to your living space. Arrange the crates in any pattern that suits your needs and style, turning an ordinary wall into a focal point of your home. This method showcases how to repurpose milk crates in a way that combines aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, making your space uniquely yours.

Crate Bed

To repurpose milk crates into a bed frame is a clever and cost-effective solution for those in need of a flexible sleeping arrangement. This low-cost, space-saving option is not just about practicality; it’s a creative statement for anyone living in a dorm or a temporary apartment setting.

It is simple to repurpose milk crates into a bed since all it takes is to attach the containers. This innovative use of milk crates proves that with a bit of imagination, you can transform everyday objects into functional furniture that meets your needs without sacrificing style or comfort.


Imagine turning milk crates into the perfect spot for all your books. Whether your collection is growing or just starting, a bookshelf made from milk crates adds that cool, industrial vibe to any room. Hooking the crates together with zip ties? Genius. It allows you to build your book haven exactly how you see it. Repurpose milk crates into a bookshelf, and you’ve got a personalized nook for your reads, showing off your style and smarts.


Who would’ve thought milk crates could turn into the cutest little homes for your plants? You can repurose milk crates by adding garden fabric to create vertical planters.

Stack them up, and suddenly, you’re growing flowers and vegetables in a small space. Repurpose milk crates into planters, and you’re not just making your outdoor space or balcony look good; you’re doing your bit for the planet too by giving these crates a second life.

Crate Seat

Here’s a fun twist: milk crates can become the coolest seats on the block for the kiddos. Imagine transforming your kids’ play area with seats and tables made from these crates. Just stack ’em up, add a slab of wood for the tabletop, and you’ve got an instant, sturdy furniture set that can handle all the creativity and chaos kids throw its way. It’s all about repurposing milk crates into something that’s practical and adds a splash of fun and creativity to any room.

Tips When Repurposing Milk Crates

Repurposing milk crates is not just an exercise in creativity; it’s a sustainable practice that breathes new life into these sturdy, versatile containers. From functional furniture to innovative storage solutions, the possibilities are endless. Here are some tips to guide you when repurposing milk crates into something uniquely useful and stylish for your home or workspace.

Start with a Clean Slate

Before diving into your project, clean your milk crates thoroughly. Dirt and grime can accumulate, especially if they’ve been used in outdoor settings. A clean crate is a perfect canvas for your creativity.

Consider Your Space

Think about where you plan to use your repurposed milk crates. Their size, color, and overall aesthetic should complement the space. For example, brightly colored crates can add a pop of color to a drab room, while a more uniform color scheme might suit a minimalist decor style.

Stability is Key

When you repurpose milk crates into furniture or storage, ensuring they are stable and secure is crucial. Use zip ties, screws, or brackets to join crates together, preventing wobbling or accidents, especially if you’re stacking them.

Customize with Creativity

One of the joys of repurposing milk crates is the ability to customize them to fit your needs and taste. Whether adding cushions for a crate seat, wood panels for a tabletop, or fabric liners for a planter, personal touches make the project truly yours.

Think Vertically

Maximize your space by thinking vertically. Stack milk crates to create shelving units, bookcases, or vertical gardens. This approach is particularly useful in small living spaces where floor space is at a premium.


Aim for multi-functional uses when you repurpose milk crates. For instance, a crate can serve as a side table and storage unit or a bench can double as a shoe rack. This dual purpose not only saves space but also enhances the utility of your creation.

Embrace the Industrial Look

Milk crates naturally lend themselves to an industrial aesthetic. Embrace this look by combining them with materials like metal, wood, or concrete. This vibe works particularly well in modern, urban spaces.

Light It Up

Don’t overlook the potential to repurpose milk crates as light fixtures. With a simple light kit, a crate can become a statement pendant light or a quirky lamp, adding character and ambiance to any room.

Be Mindful of Weight Limits

While milk crates are sturdy, they do have their limits. Be mindful of the weight they’re expected to support, especially when used as seating or shelving. Distributing weight evenly and reinforcing as necessary can prevent damage or injury.

Celebrate Sustainability

Lastly, remember that to repurpose milk crates is to consciously choose sustainability. Giving these crates a second life reduces waste and contributes to a more eco-friendly world. Celebrate this choice and let it inspire your designs.


We hope this gave you good ideas on how you can make use of milk crates, or helped you think of an inexpensive material for your next DIY project. 🙂

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