Nine ways to repurpose milk crates

Nine ways to repurpose milk crates

Have you ever thought of using milk crates to organize and decorate your home? I haven’t, until I saw these interesting ideas…

Milk Crate Ideas

How do you usually re-purpose milk crates in your household? We only used them as containers for produce. But some people saw more potential in this material and used it for beautiful purposes.

Milk Crate Ideas

The list below contains ideas to use milk crates as decorations / storage inside the home. It also includes gardening and livestock ideas which some of you might be doing already. 🙂

What do you think? Did we miss something?

Milk Crate Ideas

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Vertically Stacked Composter

Milk crates make great composters! They stack well, provides good air circulation, handy and inexpensive. You can learn more about this idea from DIY-er a_abbond!

Bench with Storage

Lovely benches, aren’t they? I wonder (hope) if these can support my weight! 😀

Lighting / Lamp

Though the chandeliers are only good for commercial spaces, a single crate makes a cute bedroom lamp. Agree? 🙂

Nesting Boxes

Those who are raising backyard chickens probably already use milk crates as nesting boxes. 🙂

Wall Storage Shelf

Milk crates can also be beautiful wall shelves. Use around four to eight units with different colours or just a single colour, mount them anyway you want, in any part of the house! 😀

Crate Bed

A milk crate bed is low-cost, space-saving and easy to ‘dismantle’ when it’s time to move — perfect for those who temporarily live in a dorm or apartment!


Big or small, these bookshelves are nice especially if you are into the industrial style. Simply put them together using zip ties and your books have a home!


Of course, they can be used as planters! Just put a gardening fabric inside. You can stack the milk crates so you can tend to plants easier. Need an outline for your outdoor area? You can use these milk crate planters as well!

Crate Seat

Here’s an idea for the kids. Now if they have seats, they should also have a table! Stack two tables and use plywood or wood pallets as tabletop.

We hope this gave you good ideas on how you can make use of milk crates, or helped you think of an inexpensive material for your next DIY project. 🙂

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