Eight lovely planters on wheels

Planter on Wheels

There’s something about planters with wheels that we find adorable. Agree? These planter ideas are proof that plants and wheels go well together!

Planters on Wheels

Planters with wheels, like the ones featured below, aren’t just cute and decorative features for your garden. They also come in handy when you need to move plants around your yard.

Aside from flowers, herbs and succulents, these planters on wheels are also great for making fairy gardens!

Have the kids outgrown their toys and bikes? Or perhaps you found a nice looking wagon or grocery cart at the thrift store? Why not use them as planters!

Planters on Wheels

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Toy Trucks

These come in all shapes and sizes, and of course, condition. One suggestion we’ll make is that you make sure your truck isn’t a collector’s item before you fill it with dirt! They can be surprisingly valuable!

Wheel Barrows

There comes a time in every wheelbarrow’s life when it’s time to say goodbye to the heavy cartage role. Sometimes it’s the axle gone, or the tyre or the tray starting to rust through. Give them a new lease on life as a mega flowerpot!


Countless bicycles get discarded every day. Many get turned into scrap but lots just go to landfill. Find a basket or two or just wire up some common plastic pots to create a stunning effect like these examples.


We all had one and probably wonder what happened to it. Maybe you can recognise your childhood tricycle below? We’ll bet you’ll think differently next time you see one on a rubbish pile!

Shopping Carts

Yes, even shopping carts get old. Here’s an entirely new twist on home delivered herbs, veges and flowers!


Ah… the little red wagon (the blue one is an imposter)! Every child loves dragging their worldly treasures around in their wagon for the first two or three years of their lives. If you’ve been holding on to one looking for the next owner, pull it out and fill it up… with flowers!

Vintage Wagons

You’re not likely to find one of these on a rubbish heap! But if you’re lucky enough to have one sitting in the yard, load it up with pots of seasonal flowers!

Pallet Crates

Single use pallets usually end up as landfill. Sure they may get a second or third chance somewhere, but they’re not built to last.

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