4 Ways To Enhance A Room’s Visual Appeal

There are many more ways to enhance a room's aesthetic than you may think.
There are many more ways to enhance a room’s aesthetic than you may think.

It’s every homeowner’s dream to turn every room of their house into the best it can be. After all, there’s no better feeling than when your friends compliment your house’s appearance. However, at some point, it may seem you’ve already done everything you can to achieve that particular goal. But that’s where you’re wrong.

In reality, there are many more ways to enhance a room’s aesthetic than you may think. So, unless you’ve already tried these four ways, you’re still far from maximizing your room’s visual appeal.

1. Find and utilize a focal point in your room 

A focal point is an area with a high tendency to attract the eye and is often the first place a viewer’s eye would land. In your case, it’ll serve as the center of attention for your interior design. In other words, it’s responsible for the first impression of visitors of your room.

While you may not have taken any steps to create or improve the focal point in your room, unless your room has absolutely nothing, there should already be an existing focal point in the room.

For example, if you have wall art, or any artwork for that matter, hanging at the top of your bed, it may very well be the focal point of the room. Your primary goal is to improve this focal point as much as possible or change it to a feature that you think would look better.

Here are some pointers to help you in that regard: 

  • Make sure there’s only one focal point so it won’t confuse the viewer. 
  • The focal point must always have its own light source so it can stand out. 
  • Add other elements to highlight the focal point. For example, if the room’s focal point is the balcony, you may add drapes or curtains to make it more visible. 
  • If the focal point is an artwork, ensure it’s positioned at eye level and is big enough. 
  • If the focal point is a shelf, add plants and other accessories for decoration.

When visitors first enter a room, they would scan the area for anything interesting. Once they’ve laid their eyes on every feature, they would spend most of their stay looking at the focal point. Therefore, it’s only fitting that you spend most of your time decorating that particular point if you ever decide to decorate your room.

2. Create a conversation area 

When arranging your furniture, it’s advisable to have an area where your visitors can have conversations since it’s most likely what they’ll be doing most of the time. Experts call this place the conversation area. As you may have guessed, it should consist of sofas and chairs. Ideally, they should face each other and must be close enough, so the people having the conversation don’t need to raise their voices. Furthermore, if the room is large, you may want to create multiple conversation areas to fill up the space.

What color should you use
What color should you use?

3. Try a fresh coat of paint for your room 

If it’s been a few months since you last applied a coat of paint to your room, it may be high time to finally try a fresh coat of paint. Now, the question is, ‘What color should you use?’ The best paint color for a room varies according to the existing décor and furniture. Hence, the decision on what color of paint you’d use for the room is entirely up to you. 

However, if you plan to try a fresh coat of paint, here are some tips from interior design experts: 

  • Use more than one color: While consistency is indeed admirable, that shouldn’t apply to interior design. Rather than using a single color for your paint, experts advise using multiple colors instead.

This practice is particularly useful when creating a focal point. By using a different color of paint on a specific wall, you’re effectively turning it into a focal point since it’d stand out from the rest. Apart from that, using multiple colors can also create a theme.  

  • Follow the 60-30-10 rule: Experts also suggest using the 60-30-10 rule if you plan to use several colors. Basically, it means 60% of the room should be the dominant color, 30% be the secondary color, and 10% would be the accent color that highlights the room’s focal point.
  • Consider painting the ceiling, too: Yes, painting the ceiling is actually an excellent step to enhancing your room’s visual appeal. In fact, many designers suggest it’s an essential step. When choosing a color, it would be best if it had a darker tone than the color of your walls. This is because it creates an atmosphere similar to outer space, giving the room a relaxing vibe.  
  • Work with the existing décor: As stated earlier, the color you use should vary according to your existing décor. More specifically, you’d want the paint color to be the complete opposite of your décor’s color. Moreover, you might want to base the paint color of your favorite décor that you want to highlight. For example, if you want to highlight your framed wall art, use colors that contrast of the art’s color palette. 

4. Lighting 

Lighting isn’t the first thing that pops to mind when talking about interior design, but it sure does have a massive impact on what your room will end up looking like. Fortunately, there are several ways to improve a room’s lighting. 

To start with, you can try the following tips: 

  • Every room must have more than one light source. 
  • Make use of natural light sources by keeping windows clean. 
  • Mix up different types of lighting (ceiling, floor, and table lights). 
  • The focal point should always have one light source.

Lighting quite literally brightens the room, but more importantly, it can brighten the mood if you do it right. In that regard, these tips should help do just that. 


If you want to renovate your house, you have to start by improving each room’s aesthetics. In that case, this guide should be of plenty of help.

However, keep in mind that if you truly want to enhance a room’s visual appeal, you may have to spend a hefty sum of money. You have to buy paint, get a new light fixture, purchase furniture, and many more. So, make sure you allocate a budget if you want to take on this particular project.



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