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Australian Hardwood Floors

There is something very appealing about a timber floor.  The warmth and feel underfoot is unique.  And, of course, the dust and dust mites have a hard time hiding – important if there are any allergies or asthma in the family.  Here you’ll find a selection of the major Australian hardwoods, complete with a guide to pricing.

There are various grades of flooring for each species.  The prices shown here are for select, narrow boards which are typically about 85mm (3.7 inches) wide.  Board widths up to 180mm (7.25 inches) wide are usually available at additional cost.

Australian Hardwood Floors

Australian Hardwood Floors

We’ll add more species to this list over time as there are many varieties of Australian Hardwood available. You’ll find a guide to pricing below the photo gallery:

Australian Hardwood Floors

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Summary of hardness rating and indicative pricing:

Like everything you buy, it pays to shop around, comparing the quality of Australian Hardwood against price…

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