Why It’s Time To Invest In Solar Panels This 2022

As a homeowner, you should be careful about what you invest in. Blowing off money on bad investments will cause problems, which can eventually affect the quality of your life.

One of the best investments homeowners can make this 2022 is solar panels. Also known as PV or photovoltaic panels, solar panels are primarily used to convert light from the sun into electricity. The electricity produced by solar panels can be used to provide power to appliances and amenities present in your home. 

Although the purchase and installation of solar panels can be costly, investing in this technology should be a priority in 2022. Here’s why:

1. Reduce Or Eliminate Energy Bills

Paying for energy bills every month is a given responsibility among homeowners. However, people who are on a shoestring budget will often find it difficult to meet this responsibility.

One of the reasons why you should invest in solar panels is because these can reduce or eliminate energy bills in the long run. When you pay for home solar panel installations, your house will no longer use electricity provided by utility companies. Instead, it will use electricity converted and produced by solar panels. 

The amount of money you can save when you use solar panels depends on several factors, namely the size and angle of your roof where the panels are installed and the hours of direct sunlight your panels get. Local electricity rates also influence how much money solar panels can help you save.

2. Increased Home Value

The value of real estate properties increases or appreciates over time. But do you know that investing in certain upgrades can make your home more valuable in the market?

Installing solar panels can actually increase your home’s value. On average, the value of a home increases by at least four percent if you have solar panels. This means that if your home has a market value of USD $375,000, solar panels can increase its value by about USD $15,000.

The ability of solar panels to increase the value of your home can be very beneficial, especially when you decide to turn your house into a rental property or sell it in the future. An increased home value translates to bigger profits. 

3. Impacts on the Environment

The environment plays an essential role in the welfare of humans. Depleting natural resources can cause soil erosion, flooding, drought, and global warming. Overexploitation of natural resources can also result in the loss of biodiversity and the extinction of species.

If you want to preserve the environment without compromising your own comfort, invest in solar panels right away. This technology is actually eco-friendly as it helps protect natural resources in many different ways, namely:

  • Reduce Greenhouse Gases: Greenhouse gases trap excessive amounts of heat in the earth’s atmosphere, resulting in extremely warm temperatures. Over time, greenhouse gases cause climate change, which can disrupt the usual balance of nature. This phenomenon poses serious risks to humans and other forms of life on the planet.
    Solar panels reduce greenhouse gases because they provide a renewable and clean source of energy. This technology works by collecting energy from the sun, which means that it doesn’t rely on non-renewable resources to work.  
  • Reduce Water Pollution: This might come as a surprise for some, but solar panels actually reduce water pollution. The manufacturing process of solar panels does require water but the amount needed is significantly less than other electrical sources. Older technology, namely coal-fired, natural gas, and nuclear facilities, require massive amounts of water to cool the source of energy. By using solar panels, you’re reducing the risk to local water resources. Moreover, solar panels also minimize the strain from local water supplies as you don’t have to compete with drinking systems and agriculture to power your home. 
  • Reduce Air Pollution: For utility companies to produce energy, they need to use fossil fuels. In fact, fossil fuels are the largest source of energy to generate electricity for commercial and residential properties. Although the end goal is beneficial to humans, the process of using fossil fuels to create energy can damage the environment. Fossil fuels create smog and dirty air. Air pollution has many adverse effects on the environment and human health. Solar panels help reduce air pollution because it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels to generate energy. As mentioned, solar panels rely on the sun on to produce energy—a renewable energy source that won’t run out anytime soon. 

4. Low Maintenance Costs

Many homeowners hesitate to invest in solar panels thinking that this will require expensive maintenance costs. Solar panels are innovative technologies, so maintaining them must be time-consuming and expensive, right? 

Solar panels are actually low maintenance, meaning you don’t have to break the bank just to ensure they stay in tip-top condition. Maintaining your solar panels will only require you to rinse the panels using clean water to eliminate loose dirt and other debris. You can also use a soft scrubber and soapy water to gently wash the surface of the solar panels. 

Additionally, you’ll need to change the inverter every five to ten years as this works consistently to convert solar energy into electricity. You should also look after the cables to make sure that the converted electricity runs to your home smoothly. All of these are fairly easy to do and don’t require a lot of money. 

5. Longer Lifespan

When deciding what to invest in, you need to consider the longevity of the investment. Paying for something that’ll only last for a couple of months or years will put your money down the drain. Investments with short lifespans will also prevent you from getting any return. 

Another reason why you should invest in solar panels this year is that this technology has a longer lifespan. As long as it is installed properly, high-quality solar panels can last for at least 40 years. The lifespan of solar panels provides a better return on your investment as you get to enjoy this technology for several decades. Prioritize its maintenance, and your children might still be able to maximize their benefits. 


Convinced that solar panels are indeed one of the best investments you can make? Start looking for a solar panel installer from your area, so you can experience the wonders of solar energy.

Since there are plenty of solar panel installers today, choose one who is accredited, experienced, licensed, and insured. Seek referrals from people you know and check the online reviews of the installers as well. Taking all of these steps is necessary to ensure that you’ll end up working with the best solar panel installer, and get your money’s worth!



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