The Best Eco-Friendly Floors for Your Home

Eco-friendly flooring options are becoming increasingly popular as people seek sustainable and environmentally conscious choices for their homes.

Living green has become the talk of the town nowadays, and guess what? It starts right under your feet!  The flooring you choose for your home must check quite a few boxes – your floors have to be durable & easy to care for, and also eco-friendly. Given that the market is brimming with options […]

Amazing Timber Finished Floors – Which One Is Right For You?

Bamboo flooring is very durable and available in a range of colours

OK, the carpet may be soft underfoot but there are so many reasons why it’s time for a change. If you have ever been present when the carpet is pulled up, you have seen the mountains of dirt you thought you’d vacuumed away with your weekly clean! Those millions and millions of fibers are wonderful […]

Captivating DIY Reclaimed Wood Flooring

DIY Reclaimed Wood Flooring - Materials

Apart from the fact that they can make any room look more spacious, timber flooring offers warmth and beauty that can’t be duplicated by carpet, tile or laminate. When you are decorating your home you need to take into consideration that the floor is an important part of any room.  Your house may be full […]

Impressive DIY Pallet Flooring

DIY Pallet Flooring - Pallets needed

Timber flooring can add that rich and warm look to your home’s interiors. They’re great for kids, for barefoot comfort compared to walking on tiled concrete floors. They’re also low maintenance than carpeted floors. If you love the idea of timber flooring, but don’t have the budget for it, then a DIY Pallet Flooring could be the solution […]

Australian Hardwood Floors

Australian Beech

There is something very appealing about a timber floor.  The warmth and feel underfoot is unique.  And, of course, the dust and dust mites have a hard time hiding – important if there are any allergies or asthma in the family.  Here you’ll find a selection of the major Australian hardwoods, complete with a guide to pricing. […]