Bohemian Style Decorating Tips and Tricks

An image of a boho style living room for the article about "Bohemian style decorating."

Bohemian style decorating is a creative and expressive approach to interior design. It blends colors, patterns, and textures to create a unique, eclectic look. This article provides practical tips and tricks for anyone looking to infuse their home with the Bohemian spirit. Understanding Bohemian Style Bohemian decorating, often known as ‘Boho’ style, is more than […]

5 Easy Steps To Create A DIY Clay Pot Lighthouse Ideas

Looking for a simple project to decorate your yard? Why not make this DIY clay pot lighthouse? This quick project is very easy to do and would only take a couple of hours of your time. You could use a battery-operated light or better yet a solar one for safe and more inexpensive lighting. It’s great decorative […]

8 Creative Fence Decoration Ideas

Fence Decoration Ideas

How does your backyard look right now? Is it ready for your summer cookouts and get-togethers? When it comes to fence decoration, you want to choose a style that fits you. Fence decoration can come in many different materials including metal, wood, and vinyl. Consider what material suits your home and what fits your personality. Different […]

3 Easy Steps To Make A Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Tomato Cage Bird Bath

Commercially sold bird baths usually have fancy designs. They’re also fairly expensive. If you’re looking for a simple DIY birdbath, this idea has got to be #1 on the list! Do you happen to have a tomato cage just lying around in your home? That is what the birdbaths featured here are made of. Cut the […]

Eight beautiful rain chain ideas

Rain Chain Ideas

Need to have your downspout replaced? Instead of buying boring pipes, why not make rain chains using recycled materials? Rain chains are a type of decorative downspout that capture and redirect rainwater from a roof. They are actually nothing new at all. The ancient Japanese and Chinese used them centuries ago. The rain chains of […]

10 Wonderful Wood Projects

Outdoor Projects with Wood

Whether it be fine furniture, wooden vases and bowls, hardwood floors, barn beams, reclaimed wood bar tops, or butcher block countertops, we seek it out. Perhaps the universal appeal of wood is an extension of our common love of trees, nature, and the outdoors. It is great for outdoor projects because it is a low-maintenance material […]

DIY Pallet Wall Project – 3 Effortless Ways

A DIY Pallet Wall. A wood feature wall is among those versatile details that look good just about anywhere. While a feature wall typically adds visual interest to a room, it is also a great way to add warmth and texture. The best feature walls are made of natural materials, such as wood, stone, or […]

Make a DIY Clay Pot Flower People – 7 Fun Steps

Are you looking for something to do with the kids? Here’s a project that’s great for getting children interested in gardening! A group of cute garden people made of clay pots! 🙂 What other materials could you think of for making the arms and legs? Painted clay pots are one of the best designs you […]

A Wonderful DIY Chandelier for your Garden

When the days become longer and warmer, it’s time to consider revamping your backyard living areas for spring and summer. Staying outdoors on longer and warmer nights with a great chandelier is one of the best parts of summer. There’s nothing like being able to spend time outside in the evening when the temperature is […]

100% Luxurious DIY Wood Slice Mirror

Looking for a weekend DIY project? Then this DIY wood slice mirror could be for you! A mirror is a device that reverses the image and shows you what you look like. It is only a reflection of your image. However, as humans, we tend to look at the reflection in the mirror and think […]