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Floating Desk

This work desk is a space-saving, easy-to-install, wall-mounted piece of furniture that you can put into practically any room! And that’s not the only thing we love about this floating desk…

Floating Desk
This innovative and stylish desk can be put into virtually any room!

It has spacious side compartments for storage, where the bottom shelves are removable and may be used for placing tall speakers or books. It also includes cable and wire management features to keep all those wiring hidden from view!

The desk space itself is surprisingly sizable with a 42 1/4″ x 19 3/4″ dimension. You can put a flat computer monitor and a keyboard, and still have enough surface for writing on your notebook.

It’s definitely the perfect desk to have if you want a space-efficient and neat looking work desk! Aside from your home office or bedroom, you can also mount it for use in the kitchen area, in your living room or even in your entryway!

We learned that one reviewer is using it as a make-up table by fitting a large mirror onto the wall behind where the computer monitor would usually be.

Do you need a good desk that doesn’t take up too much space? Get yourself a floating desk here!

Aside from using it as a study, what would you use it for? 🙂


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