Mulato House

Ocuilan de Arteaga, Mexico – Taller Paralelo

Built Area: 42 m2
Year Built: 2019
Photographs:  Zaickz Studio

The design of Casa Mulato was developed after the homeowner’s previous home was badly damaged by an earthquake. This is a part of a social housing project meant for families who lost their homes. In response to the resources given to the families, the architects designed a basic house to address basic needs.

Casa Mulato rose from the devastation brought about by an earthquake.
Casa Mulato rose from the devastation brought about by an earthquake.

Despite the small area, Casa Mulato delivers in terms of function. The home has four bedrooms, a dining area, kitchen, and a common bathroom. Each bedroom has its own corresponding storage area.

The home is characterized by a modest and simple aesthetic.
The home is characterized by a modest and simple aesthetic.

The house is made of monotonous grey concrete blocks. This continues to the inside, mixed with timber shelves, furniture, doors, and windows. Because of the nature of the project, the design for Casa Mulato resulted in a simple aesthetic. It’s a home that may be modest but it certainly doesn’t lack warmth.

Notes from the Architect:

Located in Oculian de Arteaga, State of Mexico, Casa Mulato is initiated by the invitation of Reconsturir MX, Pienza Sostenible, Échale! a tu casa and Love Army México to support the design of a house for the family Mulato; who were affected by the 19S earthquakes.

Starting with an on-site interview with Teresa and Marco Antonio Mulato, the needs of an architectural program based on the resources destined to each of the houses by the aforementioned organizations were established.

The program resulted in a space of 42 m2 that includes an individual bedroom with storage for each of their three children and a master bedroom with storage for Mr and Mrs Mulato plus a shared bathroom, a kitchen and a dining room. The exterior was used for a washing area and a stove that is connected to the interior.

All the spaces were designed based on the orientation, the views, the natural ventilation of the spaces and the adoblock module.

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Exterior Views:

Interior Views:

Drawing Views:

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