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The Sonic House Truck

Most people dream of homes with picket fences. Ok, maybe not with picket fences, but you get the idea. But not for this couple who live in this 1980 Bedford TK turned tiny mobile home – their dream home.

As children, both of them craved a life of adventure so it’s no surprise that they live in a House Truck that is the representation of their free spirit.

House TruckShe loves trucks and vintage vehicles, that she fell in love with the idea of living in one. He, on the other hand, wanted to travel the world with a ship that he would build on his own. Separately, these two individuals kept their childhood dreams alive well into adulthood…

When Willow was able to save enough money she bought a truck and spent some time renovating its interior. She finally moved into her blue horse box in February 2011. She named it ‘Sonic’ and she lived in it for three years until she decided it’s time for another revamp.

At about this time, she met Tom who was researching on living in a canal barge. It was inevitable for two people with a shared passion to fall in love. And they did. Armed with their dream, they worked side by side to work on refitting the House Truck. They finished it in December 2014 and lived together in it.

The House Truck may be tiny but it has the basic amenities of any home: a kitchen, sleeping area, a toilet and a shower. It has a wood fired heater and it even has a tiny patio that is attached to the back door, which happens to be the main door of their House Truck.

The blue Sonic House may not be your conventional home, but it is nonetheless a home that is the realisation of the dreams of its owners.

Fast forward to two years later, Tom and Willow are again ready to embark on a new adventure. Now, they are selling their cute little home, with plans to get a new truck to convert into another awesome mobile house!

Do you dream of living in a house truck? Have a look inside the Sonic House Truck by viewing our album below! 🙂


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