Tiny House Living: A Sustainable Solution for Modern Living

Tiny House

Living in a tiny house is gaining popularity among home buyers. A space-efficient home is not just a novelty, it is also a modern solution to the problems homeowners have.  Below is a guide on tiny house living to help you see if this is worth investing in.  Tiny House Basics Definition by size and […]

Xeriscaping 101: How to Design a Beautiful, Low-Water Garden


Xeriscaping shows you do not need to spend a fortune on your water bill when you want a thriving garden in your outdoor space. Despite how a ‘low water garden’ may sound, xeriscaped landscapes are full of colorful and aromatic plants.  Creating your low-water garden is not as difficult as you may imagine. Below is […]

How to Create a Home Gym Without Breaking the Bank

Home Gym

An activity space in your home is always a great project for any DIY builders, which is why the topic of a personal gym always comes up. There are numerous benefits to having a space for workout equipment and activities. The question is, “How do you bring home a gym?” Team OGN offers an easy-to-read […]