Living Concrete


Concrete is all around us. Chances are that you’re reading this in a building at least partially constructed with concrete. Even though concrete is one of the most ubiquitous and useful building materials around, it is not without problems, chief amongst them being that it has a tendency to crack and those cracks can fill […]

Don’t like the weather? Change it…


From now forward, the food that you’ll eat and the clothes you’ll wear aren’t the only things you can get to decide on at the start of your day – you can now also choose your weather! Well, inside at least 🙂 From now forward, the food that you’ll eat and the clothes you’ll wear […]

Wood-Fired Heating in the Age of Climate Change

Masonry Heater

Do you want a wood burning heater? Many people who would say ‘Yes’ emotionally then shy away from them because of their reputation for being polluting, dirty and hard work to operate and maintain. Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. ? But what if a […]

From Prototype to Reality – Meet Your 3D Printed Home!

3D Printed Homes

You could be forgiven for thinking that 3D printing is a new phenomenon. After all, it has only really been newsworthy for the past two or three years. However, Winsun China, have had big plans for 3D printing since 2005 when they invented a 3D print nozzle capable of extruding concrete. In 2008, they put […]

The Transatron Project by Patrick Buckle

Transatron Project by Patrick Buckle

Having purchased a small vacant block of land I was keen to find an affordable and comfortable solution to make use of the beautiful mountain location and escape the city for weekends and holidays. After a career of building things to be delivered quickly and efficiently in theatre, I began a search for compact and […]

Breakthrough creates a metal roof cooler than the surrounding air!

Metal Roof

One of the really big myths is that metal roofs make a house hotter than other roof types. Anyone who has spent time on a tile roof knows that every roof – with the exception of thatched and green roofs, gets hellishly hot. And that heat radiates straight into your roof space and then continues into […]

Recycling – are you doing it wrong?


If your family is like mine, you try hard to recycle every thing possible. Nowadays, our garbage bin is hardly worth walking out for collection because it’s rarely more than 20% full. On the other hand, our recycling bin is always full to overflowing. That’s a ‘feel good’ experience, so imagine my surprise when I […]

Horseshoe Christmas Tree

Horseshoe Christmas Tree

Bored of your old Christmas tree? Then here’s an awesome idea you just might like – build your own unique Christmas tree made of horseshoes! These personalized horseshoe decorations are beautiful and unique. They can add charm to any space. The project is simple enough so that you can start right away without any large costs. It […]

The Hawk Mountain

The Hawk Mountain

Washington State – Timber Home Living Built area: 1600 sq. ft. Photography: Timberpeg Now here’s a home that offers the comfort of modern home living and the atmosphere of a cozy weekend retreat! Inspired by the old European cottage design, the Hawk Mountain is a great inspiration if you want a warm and truly relaxing […]

Shevlin Commons Meadow Modern

Shevlin Commons Meadow Modern

Portland, Oregon – Scott Gilbride/Architect Inc. Built area: 2,800 sf Completion Year: 2005 Photography: Simone Paddock   Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 😎