Do you love the idea of having a swimming pool, but don’t have the space or the money to put in a standard one? Then you would love this DIY pool. If you have a livestock tank that you can repurpose into a shallow pool that you and your kids can soak in during warm days.

And if you place it on a sloping block like this one, then there is even no need to dig a deep hole for it. You can build a platform around it, with the planks providing a place if you want to sun yourselves or sit on. This is just one of many great ideas to set up a livestock tank swimming pool. You can line it with cobble stones, concrete, or just plain grass, whichever is your preference.

If you liked this idea, then we have plenty more that you can find on our gallery below.

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  1. whosits

    If you get a galvanized trough for swimming how does the heat affect the heat of the outsides of the pool? In Arizona it get to 125…will that be too hot to touch the pool?

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