Ephemeral Edge

Austerlitz, United States – Dean-Wolf Architects Built Area: 185.8 m2Year Built: 2017Photographs:  Paul Warchol Ephemeral Edge is a retirement home and weekend retreat. It’s located north of New York City, a three-hour drive away. It’s a home that enjoys the best of both worlds – a constructed pond and a forested hillside. Both areas feature stunning distant views. […]

Kaggeboda House

Norrtälje, Sweden – AndrénFogelström Kaggeboda, KolmanBoye Built Area: 62.0 m2 Year Built: 2013 Photographs:  James Silverman Photography A small and unique summer home, Kaggeboda is made out of plywood. It stands surrounded by lush greenery in the forest of the Stockholm Archipelago. The architects in charge of the project are well-known for their culturally and environmentally […]

L House

La Costa Partido, Argentina – Estudio PKa Built Area: 175.0 sqm Year Built: 2014 Photographs: Alejandro Peral L House derives its name from its shape – an L-shaped structure that offers the best of both worlds. It sits in an area surrounded by evergreen trees and shrubs with the sound of the sea in the background. The […]

House on an Island

Cranberry Isles, United States – Elliott + Elliott Architecture Built Area: 73.4 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: Jeff Roberts House on an Island is a two-structure summer house that’s connected together by a 12-foot deck. It was built as an addition to an existing century old farmhouse. The main building houses the great room, a bedroom, and bathroom. […]

Vacation House Havblik

Kikhavn, Denmark – Mette Lange Architects Built Area:     128.0 m2 Year Built:     2015 Photographs:    Frans Ahlbom Vacation House Havblik, as the name implies, is a holiday home in an old charming Danish fishing village. It boasts of beautiful sunset scenery over the sea with additional views of the surrounding hilly landscape. Because it sits […]

Tranquility House

Yongin-si, South Korea – Snow AIde Area:     123.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:    Jaeyoon Kim Tranquility House is located on the countryside, outside of Seoul, and away from the hectic city life. The rural landscape surrounding makes this dwelling an ideal family retreat. With stunning views of a lake and the wooded hillside, the property […]

Lake Cottage

El Peñol, Colombia – artek Area:     100.0 m2 Year Built:     2016 Photographs:    Sergio Gomez, Juan Fernando Valencia Lake Cottage is a unique-looking holiday home, thanks to its zigzagging roof. The roof is actually a sequence of steep gables covered in dark-colored materials. The choice of color allows the structure to fade into the landscape. […]

Into the Wild

Slovakia – Ark-shelter Year Built:     2018 Photographs:     BoysPlayNice Into the Wild is a prefab cabin located in the woods. Resembling a container-type structure, it’s a place where one can escape from the hectic city life – a detox from stress. Basic and fuss-free, it provides an opportunity to disconnect, relax, and recharge. The cabin […]

Retreat House

Michigan, United States –  John DeSalvo Design Built area:    130.0 m2 Year built:    2010 Photographs: David Robert Elliot Retreat House is a compact beach home that was built near Lake Michigan. It serves as a sanctuary for a busy doctor and her husband who live fast-paced lives. The couple wanted a hideaway where they can relax, […]

Whistler Cabin

Whistler, BC V0N, Canada – Scott & Scott Architects Built Area:     178.0 m2 Year Built:     2016 Photographs:     Scott and Scott Architects Whistler Cabin is a weekend retreat for a family who loves snowboarding. Its design is an ode to the typical chalet of the 70s.  A-frame chalets are very popular in […]

Polycarbonate Cabin

Guanaqueros, Coquimbo, Coquimbo Region, Chile – Alejandro Soffia Built Area:     30.0 m2 Year Built:     2016 Photographs:     Juan Durán Sierralta Polycarbonate Cabin is a compact dwelling that shows us quality need not be expensive. It’s like a model home – affordable and aesthetically appealing but nonetheless functional. The cabin was built using polycarbonate […]

Getaway Cabin No. 3 – “The Clara”

New Hampshire, United States – Wyatt Komarin, Addison Godine, Rachel Moranis Built Area:     14.8 m2 Year Built:     2015 Photographs:     Getaway, The Bearwalk Getaway Cabin No. 3, named “The Clara,” is the third tiny home developed by Millennial Housing Lab. These tiny cabins on wheels are placed on rural land and are then […]

Slow Cabins

Belgium – Xavier Leclair Built Area:     36.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:     Jonas Verhulst Slow Cabins are tiny rental structures considered as the perfect escape to nature. These are actually several cabins spread across secret locations all over Belgium. In essence, these are eco-friendly ‘mysterious’ retreats. The thrill is in not knowing […]

72h Cabin

Henrik Schröders gata, 671 31 Arvika, Sweden – JeanArch Built Area:     5.0 m2 Year Built:     2017 Photographs:     Jeanna Berger 72h Cabin was named after the number of hours people stayed in it as part of a study. The participants were people with the world’s most stressful jobs. They were invited to stay […]

Tepoztlán Lounge

Tepoztlán, Morelos, México –  Cadaval & Solà-Morales Built area:    80.0 m2 Year built:    2016 Photographs: Sandra Pereznieto, Diego Berruecos Tepoztlán Lounge is a space meant for relaxation in the truest sense of the word. It sits surrounded by nature – tall trees, dense foliage, and thick vegetation. The structure has three enclosed living spaces. In […]

Villa Slow

San Roque de Riomiera, Spain –  Laura Alvarez Architecture Built area:    160.0 m2 Year built:    2017 Photographs: David Montero Villa Slow is a light stone cottage that sits in the middle of a sprawling two-hectare land. It is surrounded by fields of green and natural scenery. The villa is typical of a ‘peasant cabin’ that is […]

One Year Project

Inawashiro, Japan –  Life Style Koubou Built area:    52.0 m2 Year built:    2016 Photographs: Ryoo, In Keun This one-of-a-kind vacation home sits at the foot of the snowy Mount Bandai in Fukushima, Japan. It is composed of two separate structures that stand on stilts, connected by a bridge. The purpose of the stilts is to protect […]

The Wooden House

Kanji Dol, Slovenia –  studio PIKAPLUS Built area:    82.0 m2Year built:    2015Photographs: Miha Bratina The Wooden House is a striking hexagonal house in the middle of undulating hills. Its backdrop, a lush evergreen forest, makes the house picture-perfect. Both inside and outside, the structure is clad in timber. The material was chosen for its ability […]

Mian Farm Cottage

Thị xã Sơn Tây, Vietnam –  Idee Architects Built area:    140.0 m2 Year built:    2016 Photographs: Triệu Chien Mian Farm Cottage is a charming remodeled home in a grapefruit grove in Vietnam. It features generous green spaces with stunning mountain views – a perfect site for social gatherings. The homeowners wanted a place to escape […]

Buzeta House

Maitencillo, Chile – Felipe Assadi Built area:    112.0 m2 Year built:    1997 Photographs: Guy Wenborne Buzeta House is a family vacation home that stands close to a stream. It has fantastic views being situated on top of a cliff, 394 feet above sea level. Energetic in location, the home’s dynamic design features an inclined façade […]

Seascape Retreat

Canterbury, New Zealand –  Pattersons Built area:    110.0 m2 Year built:    2013 Photographs: Simon Devitt Seascape Retreat is a luxury villa that’s meant to be a romantic honeymoon getaway for couples. The home is perfect for people who want seclusion, style, and sexy times. The retreat stands on one of New Zealand’s rugged coastlines. It […]

Rocksplit House

Kea Kithnos, Greece – Cometa Architects Project Year :     2015 Developed Area :     150.0 m2 Photographs :     Dimitris Kleanthis Blending beautifully with the rocky landscape of Kea is Rocksplit House, made from locally quarried stones.  It stands in a narrow and steep strip of land, overlooking a valley.  The main brief is […]

The Lookout at Broad Cove Marsh

Location Inverness County, Canada – Omar Gandhi Architect Project Year :     2015 Developed Area :     185.18 m2 Photographs :     Doublespace Photography The Lookout at Broad Cove Marsh is a dramatic piece of architecture set in an even more dramatic landscape. Situated between a tree-lined road and a cliff, the house overlooks the ocean […]

K Valley House

Thames, New Zealand – Herbst Architects Project Year :     2015 Developed Area :       178.0 m2 Photographs :     Lance Herbst K Valley House is a filmmakers’ retreat.  It was built for a couple who want to find solitude amidst their very hectic lifestyle. The house stands on a 20-hectare piece of rural landscape. A […]