Integrating a Swimming Pool into Your Landscape Design

Turning your backyard into a paradise you and your family can enjoy is every homeowner’s dream. However, with so many design elements to consider and the practical implications of adding one, choosing and installing a swimming pool might feel overwhelming.  How to Integrate a swimming pool into your landscape designs?  With thoughtful planning, creating the […]

15 Most Creative Makeshift Swimming Pools to Beat the Heat

Looking for an interesting, creative, or economical way to make your own swimming pool? A makeshift swimming pool is a swimming pool that is not big enough to hold all of the water needed for a full-sized swimming pool; the water is held in a large plastic bucket that is fitted into a shallow pool. […]

Lovely Swimming Pools

Pools are a lot more than just an area for swimming. A well-designed and landscaped pool are integrated with the home’s architecture, which focuses on the aspect of style and functionality. It becomes a feature that best complements the garden and landscaping of the property and often provides a view where none existed. There are […]

3 Awesome Dumpster Diving Ideas – Pools from Scraps

Dumpster Diving...

Let’s face it… in-ground pools are expensive while most above-ground pools have a very temporary look about them, these pools can be from scraps. That temporary look has a lot to do with the reality that the liners and supports are relatively light-duty. What if there was a permanent solution to the above-ground option? Dumpster […]