Armadale House

Melbourne, Australia –  Robson Rak Architects, Made By Cohen Built area:    150.0 m2 Year built:    2013 Photographs: Shannon McGrath Armadale House is a renovation project on a small, dark, and old Victorian house. Today, there exists an open-plan kitchen, spacious living area, and connecting courtyard. The end result is a house that is stylish, bright, […]

CCC House

Caniço, Portugal –  Mayer & Selders Built area:    180.0 m2 Year built:    2017 Photographs: Dirk Mayer CCC House is an old Madeiran house that underwent renovation but has still retained its traditional design. Today, despite the modernized facelift, it symbolizes the harmonious relationship between the old and the new. An extension was added to the […]

Brick House

Annandale, Australia –  Bastian Architecture Built area:    79.0 m2 Year built:    2015 Photographs: Justin Aaron Brick House is a renovation and extension project of an old worker’s cottage. The old wall was made out of bricks. Because of this, the architects decided to use the same material throughout the house. The bricks used in the project […]

Woonschip VC

Cas Oorthuyskade , Amsterdam, Netherland – Marcel van der Lubbe, Jannie Vinke Project Year :     2016 Developed Area :     150  m2 Photographer:     Luuk Kramer Woonschip VC is an actual cargo ship that was converted into a sailing houseboat. The brief was very specific:  the owners wanted space, sustainability, and high quality of […]

The Big Little House

Fitzroy North VIC, Australia – Nic Owen Architects  Project Year :     2013 Developed Area :     155.0 sqm ( 1674 Sq ft2 ) Photographs :     Christine Francis A traditional Victorian residence renovated to accommodate the needs of a growing family, the Big Little House pays respect to tradition while keeping functionality in mind. […]

Awesome DIY transformations you have to see!

DIY Transformations

Ever driven down the street, seen old, unloved furniture sitting on the footpath and thought, “I could make something with that”? Old furniture pieces are often just an opportunity waiting for someone to make it happen. All it takes is a little imagination and effort as these fantastic examples prove. Have you got some ageing […]

Leachachan Barn

Once a barn - now a vacation home

Loch Duich, Scotland – Rural Design Architects Built area: 120m2 Completion: 2011 Photography: Nigel Rigden Leachachan Barn, once used as a byre for working horses, sits on the southern shores of Loch Duich looking out at the Five Sisters of Kintail. The barn has been redesigned and transformed into a modern house while retaining the original […]

Gahanna Residence

Gahanna Residence - Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio – Michael Matrka, Inc It’s interesting that Michael Matrka describes himself as a master renovator and builder rather than the other way around. But when you look at this example of his work, you can understand why. It is always much easier to start with a clean slate and new design than it is […]

Villa Alfhem

1904 revisited...

Stocksundstorps  Sweden  –  BA Sjösteen Lot area: 1628 sqm Built area:     257 m2  (2,775 sq. ft.) of living + 67 m2  (723 sq. ft. storage/basement) Year Built:     2004 Year Renovation: 2009-2010 Traditional homes always seem sturdy and substantial. Of course the reason might just be that those that were never sturdy […]

Haus am Moor

All timber was sourced and milled locally

Vorarlberg, Austria – Bernardo Bader Architects Lot area:     900 m2   (9,720 sq. ft.) Built area:    170 m2 residence and 50 m2 office  (1,830 sq. ft. + 540 sq. ft.) Year built:    2013 Photography:     Adolf Bereuter The Bregenz Forest is known for it’s natural beauty, it’s cheeses and it’s traditional Bregenzerwald […]

Benson Ford Shiphouse

Sister ship - Henry Ford II

South Bass Island, Ohio – Ship on the Bay Usable area:     7,000 sq ft  (648 m2) Year built:     1924 Year landlubbered:     1986 Imagine your home starting life as a 612′ long behemoth with a 3,000 horsepower motor! The Benson Ford, vacation home of the Kasper family did. It was the […]

Rock Mountain Cottage

Rock Mountain Cottage

North Carolina, United States  –  Travis Mileti/MountainWorks Lot size: 5 acres Built area: 1,500 sq. ft. (139 m2) This home won the 2011 ARDA (American Residential Design Awards) ‘Best Model Home Under 2,500 sq. ft.) award.  It’s in a lovely creek front setting some 3,700 ft. above sea level where the style and design are certainly […]

Killarney – Aging Gracefully

Byron Bay - fabulous beaches - spectacular hinterland...

Byron Bay – NSW  Australia Built:     1904 Refurbished:     2012 Site area:     3,060 m2  (33,000 sq. ft.) Built area:    290 m2  (3,132 sq. ft.) If you’ve visited Byron Bay in recent years, it’s easy to forget that the area was once a quiet ‘hide-away’ with few homes and lots […]