DIY Four-Door Shed

This little shed is a great way to protect your garden tools and recycle some old doors that would otherwise become landfills. You could even store the kids’ outdoor toys in it. Materials: 4 Doors Extra Wood Boards – for foundation and shelving Roof Shingles Screws Nails Wood Coating Paint Hinges Door Knob Hooks Tools: Drill […]

DIY Clay Pot Flower People

Are you looking for something to do with the kids? Here’s a project that’s great for getting children interested in gardening! What other materials could you think of for making the arms and legs? Materials: Nylon Strings Small Pieces of Wood (such as popsicle sticks) Coloring Pens Big and small Clay Pots Tools: Wire Cutter/Scissors […]

DIY Garden Stepping Stones

Thinking of buying stepping stones for your yard? Why not create your own! Wear patterns created by foot traffic are a common backyard problem. This issue becomes more evident when it rains. Erosion results in bare patches that turn into mud when wet. You can even get the kids involved with this project. The steps […]

Container herb gardens and other herb garden ideas

For those of us who like cooking, there is nothing nicer than having fresh herbs on hand to complete a meal. But the use of herbs are not limited for cooking. You can also use them as medicinal aids, as aromatic fresheners or simply as decorative plants. Growing herbs is an easy and very rewarding task. […]

The Weird, The Wonderful and The One Offs

For all the things that defy categorization. The world is, thankfully, full of enthusiastic people with great imaginations. These are the people who help us to see the world differently, make us smile unexpectedly and stimulate good conversation.  Here is a sampling of some of the weird and wonderful ideas we’ve come across… Have you done something […]