Fire Pit Swing Sets

Love relaxing around a fire and also like the occasional gentle swing? This fire pit swing set combination is for you! While swinging is part of being a kid, there are plenty of adults that still enjoy it too. These fire pit swing sets allow you to enjoy a gentle swing, and keeps you warm […]

Eckerman Studios

Eckerman Studios

Santa Cruz CA USA – Eckerman Studios Michael and Ea Eckerman are father and son artists who share a love of working with stone.  Although based in the USA, they have been regular visitors to Australia as witnessed by the numerous landmarks they have left with us. Ea Eckerman grew up on O’ahu’s North Shore and spent […]

Callum Gray Stone

The award winning firepit...

Balfon Scotland Callum Gray may have studied Computer Sciences, but it was clearly not his calling. Gray is a drystone waller and landscaper. He works on large and small scale projects across the UK. He has established an impressive portfolio using traditional techniques to design and build home and garden features. The fire pit you […]