Multi-Tiered Mini Cakes

“Mini cake – Maxi Impact!” What really impressed us about this multi-tier cake pan were the user raves! They love it and NO, the cakes don’t stick but apparently come out easily – yes… in one piece! Each cake is good for two to three generous serves.

“Wow!  I thought this would be a good item to make small birthday cakes,etc for the kids but after receiving this item I was super excited…even though it will make small cakes turns out it wasn’t as small as I first thought it would be!!! Would highly recommend this!!

You can make four miniature three tier cakes at a time. Decorated for a wedding or any party event, they’re going to make you look like the next Betty Crocker! They’re currently down from $30 to $18.99. Buy two and get free shipping. You can order them here

"Mini cake - Maxi Impact!"
“Mini cake – Maxi Impact!”

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