Quilt-inspired tables from salvaged wood

Quilt Tables from Salvaged Wood

Yes – the beautiful table that you see on the right came from the ugly and worn out timber slats on the left. And the Brooklyn-based artist behind this amazing work has eight more similar tables for you to admire!

Quilt Tables from Salvaged Wood

These nine big, round, quilt-inspired tables are a product of a commissioned work acquired only during a chance encounter.

“This project was commissioned in the summer of 2014 by The Frye Boot company as a series for their retail stores and began with few guidelines that were both specific and yet dauntingly vague: design and build nine table tops from salvaged wood that are big and round and pretty.”

Left with no further instructions or specifications regarding its design, she decided to get inspiration from the art of quilting, a cultural tradition in her homeland Alabama.

Because of this project, the then unknown artist was able to turn what was once only a recreational activity into a company called ‘Made by Woodhand’.

What do you think of her quilt-inspired designs? 🙂

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She does not only make tables, but also clocks, breakfast trays, small wall panels, mirrors and many more. You can find them all on her site.

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