Pallet Entry Bench
Pallet Entry Bench
How many uses can you think of for the humble pallet?

The most common question we get asked about all these pallet ideas is “Where do you get pallets?” The answer is almost everywhere if you keep your eyes open. Most furniture and virtually all white-goods are delivered on pallets. Most of those pallets are disposable.

We've featured pallets in various ways before, but this theatre setting is about as good as it gets. What do you think?

Also check your local directories like CraigsList and Gumtree. You’ll also see them sitting by the kerb or propped up against fences sometimes. Check that they don’t have a ‘Property of…” branding.  If not, they are waiting for someone to take them to a better place. Ask and ye shall receive.

A final comment.. most pallets have not been treated with injurious chemicals. They have undoubtedly been inspected and possibly fumigated by Customs.  If in doubt, don’t use them for growing food. For a better understanding of how to tell if a pallet is safe to use, check out this blog post

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