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Bridge House
Zaokskiy, Russia – BIO-architects Built Area: 150.0 m2 Year Built: 2018...
Triangle House
Perth, Australia – Robeson Architects Built Area: 180.0 m2Year Built: 2015Photographs:  Dion...
Mulato House
Ocuilan de Arteaga, Mexico – Taller Paralelo Built Area: 42...
Ephemeral Edge
Austerlitz, United States – Dean-Wolf Architects Built Area: 185.8 m2Year Built: 2017Photographs:  Paul...
Balmain Rock House
Balmain, Australia – Benn & Pena Architects Built Area: 130.0...
Kaggeboda House
Norrtälje, Sweden – AndrénFogelström Kaggeboda, KolmanBoye Built Area: 62.0 m2...
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The Sunset Garden Studio
Quiet Spaces

The Sunset Garden Studio

Bellevue, Washington – McConnell Built Year built: 2008 Photography: McConnell Built Seattle based Andy McConnel had nothing more in mind than a practical tool shed when

The Hanging Tea House - David Jameson Architect

The Hanging Tea House

Washington DC  –  David Jameson Year built:     2009 Approximate Area:     16 m2 (173 sq. ft.) Photography:     Paul Warchol Bronze,

The award winning firepit...

Callum Gray Stone

Balfon Scotland Callum Gray may have studied Computer Sciences, but it was clearly not his calling. Gray is a drystone waller and landscaper. He works

House in France

Lost in Antiquity

Lost but not forgotten History has long since forgotten the names of the builders.  Fortunately, those same builders were so skilled that we can still

Stone Mosaic

Sunny Weiler – Stone Art

Stone Art West Cork – Ireland Sunny has been working with stone for almost 10 years. His mission with Stone Art is to combine unique artistic designs with

The Treehouse
Beach shacks

The Treehouse at Separation Creek

Victoria, Australia – Jackson Clements Burrows Australia is a country with a dry, hot centre. In fact, much of the country quickly turns to arid

Landscaping and garden

Cast in Stone

There is something about working with stone that is immensely satisfying. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that we are working with something as old as the

Contemporary homes

Miyska Residence

Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan  –  Robert Harvey Oshatz Designed: 1995-96 Completed: 1998 We’ve featured five homes from this one architect – more than any other.  We’ve

The Wilkinson Residence
Contemporary homes

The Wilkinson Residence

Portland , Oregon 2004 Architect:    Robert Harvey Oshatz Photography by Cameron Neilson Great architects seem to have the ability to blend art with function. Robert

Entry Foyer
Traditional homes

The Peterson Home – Wyoming

This lovely home looks like it’s been here for a hundred years or more. It’s been built from pre-loved weatherboards, distressed timbers, hand-hewn logs and

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