Bridge House
Zaokskiy, Russia – BIO-architects Built Area: 150.0 m2 Year Built: 2018...
Triangle House
Perth, Australia – Robeson Architects Built Area: 180.0 m2 Year Built:...
Mulato House
Ocuilan de Arteaga, Mexico – Taller Paralelo Built Area: 42...
Ephemeral Edge
Austerlitz, United States – Dean-Wolf Architects Built Area: 185.8 m2Year Built: 2017Photographs:  Paul...
Balmain Rock House
Balmain, Australia – Benn & Pena Architects Built Area: 130.0...
Kaggeboda House
Norrtälje, Sweden – AndrénFogelström Kaggeboda, KolmanBoye Built Area: 62.0 m2...
Zinc House
Lancashire, United Kingdom – Proctor & Shaw Built Area: 135.0 m2Year...
Nash Tiny House
Starkville, United States – archimania Built Area: 60.20 m2Year Built:...
Kiltro House
Talca, Chile – Supersudaka (Juan Pablo Corvalán, Gabriel Vergara) Built...
V|M House
El Totoral, Chile - WINTERI Arquitectura Built Area: 156.0 m2Year...
Barnhouse Werkhoven
Werkhoven, The Netherlands - RVArchitecture Built Area: 180.0 m2 Year Built:...
Small House
Meguro, Japan - Unemori Architects Built Area: 67.0 m2Year Built: 2010Photographs: Ken...
Casa Flotante
Ciudad de México, Mexico - Talleresque Built Area: 87.0 m2 Year...
Pavilion Between Trees
Balnarring, Australia - Branch Studio Architects Built Area: 85.0 m2Year Built:...
Canelones, Uruguay - VivoTripodi Built Area: 96.0 m2 Year Built: 2018 Photographs:...
Monte House
Mexico - TACO taller de arquitectura contextual Built Area: 42.0...
House in Hokusetsu
Osaka, Japan - Tato Architects Built Area: 150.0 m2 Year...
House in La Juanita
José Ignacio, Uruguay - Delfina Riverti, FRAM arquitectos Built Area: 100.0...
Moose Road
Ukiah, United States - Mork-Ulnes Architects Built Area: 105.91m2 Year...
Le Poulailler
Quebec, Canada - eba architecture Built Area: 130.53 m2 Year...
Orange Lemon House
Quito, Ecuador - Daniel Moreno Flores Built Area: 65.0 Year...
Villa Kristina
Gothenburg, Sweden - Wingardhs Built Area: 182.0 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: James Silverman...
Jirisan House
Hamyang-gun, South Korea - Bang Keun YOU Built Area: 170.0...
L House
La Costa Partido, Argentina - Estudio PKa Built Area: 175.0...
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Although an ancient form of art, mosaics are still popular today.They are a great DIY project, with the design only limited by your imagination. What

A Mobile Log Cabin

A Log Cabin on Wheels…

Hans Liberg Music Studio Holland – 2010   Photography by Thomas Mayer Don’t like the view?  Move… this amazing log studio is on wheels!  Further proof

Contemporary homes


Canggu, Bali – Valentina Audrito Built area:      560 m2 (6,027 sq. ft.) Photography:  Moch Sulthonn Lalaland is the affectionately named home of architect

Cauldron Planter

Gardening Ideas

Simple things give simple pleasures… A garden is a thing of joy and peace for the gardener and everyone who sees it.  Gardens are as individual as

Camp Treehouse - Camp Wandawega
Unusual Homes

Camp Treehouse

Elkhorn, Wisconsin – Camp Wandawega There is a lovely story behind this unique house. When the property was first purchased by a couple, her father

Himeji Gardens Adelaide
Contemporary homes

Adelaide’s 1880’s Renovation

What happens when you fall in love with a tiny Victorian era home and then outgrow it? You’re loathe to move because you love the

Tools as a medium
Recycled, upcycled and repurposed

Cal Lane – Plasma Artist

Artists never cease to amaze with their inventive use of tools and mediums. Canadian born Cal Lane works with a plasma cutter to create stunning

Container homes


Rennes, France  –  CG ARCHITECTES Built Area:   104 m2  (1,123 sq. ft.) + decks and carport Year Built:     2011 Take 4 x 40ft

Container of Hope
Container homes

The Containers of Hope

San Jose  Costa Rica  –  Ben Garcia Saxe Such a meaningful name!  The architect’s notes tell this story far better than we ever could: “Gabriela

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