Bridge House
Zaokskiy, Russia – BIO-architects Built Area: 150.0 m2 Year Built: 2018...
Triangle House
Perth, Australia – Robeson Architects Built Area: 180.0 m2 Year Built:...
Mulato House
Ocuilan de Arteaga, Mexico – Taller Paralelo Built Area: 42...
Ephemeral Edge
Austerlitz, United States – Dean-Wolf Architects Built Area: 185.8 m2Year Built: 2017Photographs:  Paul...
Balmain Rock House
Balmain, Australia – Benn & Pena Architects Built Area: 130.0...
Kaggeboda House
Norrtälje, Sweden – AndrénFogelström Kaggeboda, KolmanBoye Built Area: 62.0 m2...
Zinc House
Lancashire, United Kingdom – Proctor & Shaw Built Area: 135.0 m2Year...
Nash Tiny House
Starkville, United States – archimania Built Area: 60.20 m2Year Built:...
Kiltro House
Talca, Chile – Supersudaka (Juan Pablo Corvalán, Gabriel Vergara) Built...
V|M House
El Totoral, Chile - WINTERI Arquitectura Built Area: 156.0 m2Year...
Barnhouse Werkhoven
Werkhoven, The Netherlands - RVArchitecture Built Area: 180.0 m2 Year Built:...
Small House
Meguro, Japan - Unemori Architects Built Area: 67.0 m2Year Built: 2010Photographs: Ken...
Casa Flotante
Ciudad de México, Mexico - Talleresque Built Area: 87.0 m2 Year...
Pavilion Between Trees
Balnarring, Australia - Branch Studio Architects Built Area: 85.0 m2Year Built:...
Canelones, Uruguay - VivoTripodi Built Area: 96.0 m2 Year Built: 2018 Photographs:...
Monte House
Mexico - TACO taller de arquitectura contextual Built Area: 42.0...
House in Hokusetsu
Osaka, Japan - Tato Architects Built Area: 150.0 m2 Year...
House in La Juanita
José Ignacio, Uruguay - Delfina Riverti, FRAM arquitectos Built Area: 100.0...
Moose Road
Ukiah, United States - Mork-Ulnes Architects Built Area: 105.91m2 Year...
Le Poulailler
Quebec, Canada - eba architecture Built Area: 130.53 m2 Year...
Orange Lemon House
Quito, Ecuador - Daniel Moreno Flores Built Area: 65.0 Year...
Villa Kristina
Gothenburg, Sweden - Wingardhs Built Area: 182.0 m2Year Built: 2014Photographs: James Silverman...
Jirisan House
Hamyang-gun, South Korea - Bang Keun YOU Built Area: 170.0...
L House
La Costa Partido, Argentina - Estudio PKa Built Area: 175.0...
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The Lilypad House
Contemporary homes

The Lilypad House

Sydney  Australia – Jorge Hrdina Architects Year built:     2010 Photography:    Brett Boardman The appropriately named Lilypad House is the work of Australian studio

The Klein Bottle House
Contemporary homes

The Klein Bottle House

Mornington Peninsula, Australia – McBride Charles Ryan Built area: 258 m2 (2,777 sq. ft.) Year built: 2008 Photography: John Gollings No – this is not a

The Hobbit House
DIY projects

The Hobbit House

Wales – Simon Dale What do you get when you cross a minimum budget with a maximum concern for the environment – a low impact

The Hemloft
Quiet Spaces

The Hemloft

Whistler British Columbia – Joel Allen Gone forever now, but what an interesting story this is! Built on public land, this home lead the owner

Casa Kike - Costa Rica

Renovations and Additions

 An old home may have its charms, but more often than not, it just looks and feels tired.  But they often have one special appeal…

The Cloud House
Contemporary homes

The Cloud House

Melbourne Australia   –  McBride Charles Ryan Take a much renovated, century old house in a great location, add in a young, new family with very

Living rooms

The Great Room

What makes a living area liveable? Ask 20 people and we might get 20 answers. But, in our opinion, one essential is NOT to isolate

The Fennel Residence - Portland , Oregon
Contemporary homes

The Fennel House

Portland , Oregon  –  Robert Harvey Oshatz Designed:    2001 Completed: 2005 Photography: Cameron Neilson We have a strong bias toward this architect and have featured a few



Are we ever too old to have a swing? With so many gorgeous designs and styles available, it’s hard for the inner child in us

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