Our Media Kit

OK… we have to be upfront about this…

There are Media Kits and then there are MEDIA KITS.  Ours is a media kit with lower case m and k  🙄  We figure that one day we’ll have the time to put a real one together.

media-kitRight here and now, we can tell you that we get a lot of visitors every day. (You’ll have to email us to find out just how many.) Lots!  And the typical visitor stays for 16 minutes and 34 seconds. Now that’s serious engagement.

We add content to our site every day of the week, Monday to Sunday, to ensure our visitors and members keep coming back and, importantly for you and us, refer their friends to our site.

Our audience is highly targeted. In fact, every one of them is a volunteer. We’ve never bought a list or a ‘Like’ and don’t intend to. We have exceptional engagement and growth on our Facebook page with our end of year target of 250,000 fans well in sight!

Advertising with us is super simple. If you’re a tradesperson or a local supplier of building related products or services, head straight over to our Trades or Suppliers directory. You can be up and running in minutes for less than one cent a day.

If you’re a national supplier, you can put your toe in the water by making our fans an offer via our ‘Special Offers = Serious Savings‘ module. But if you want to run display advertising, you’ll need to talk turkey with our turkey speaking owner. You can reach him be emailing david.wilks [at] theownerbuildernetwork.co . Who knows, he might even be able to send you a draft of our ‘real soon now’ media kit!


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