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10 Creative Coat Hooks Ideas For Your Home

Last Updated on May 2, 2024 by teamobn

Coat Hook Ideas
Creative Coat Hooks Ideas

Coats – if you’re unlucky enough to live in a climate where you need one. So, you will need one or more coat hooks for them.

Look around your home. How many things ‘hang’? Of course, there are photos, paintings, and prints. But what about hats and caps? Rainwear? Keys? You need to be able to produce plenty of hooks to hang these items.

As you can see here, all hooks aren’t the same. Some are spoons or forks. Others are tree branches, old bike chains, tap, and light fittings, and even discarded drawers and doorknobs.

It seems the options are limited only by your imagination.

Coat Hook Ideas

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Check out these creative coat hooks ideas!

Unique Coat Hook Ideas

Bicycle Chains

These coat hooks are made of bicycle chains.  The hooks are each a length of the chain of different lengths.  The longer chains are used as the hooks.  They are polished, and they have a lovely shine.

Tree Branches

Coat racks made from branches of forest trees are an eco-friendly choice for both indoor and outdoor use. In order to produce the best one, it is imperative to choose a durable material.

You need to choose a solid branch, sand it well then finish it with a clear coat or paint it any color that fits your preference.

Mini Figurines

Mini figurines are tiny pieces of plastic, resin, or porcelain that are made specifically for children. Mini figurines are most often used by children to play with in toy stories, build miniature houses, or display in their rooms.

They are usually intended to be placed on a shelf, shelf bracket, mantelpiece, or other surfaces which is higher than the figurine, and are usually not intended to be placed on a table. Variations include a child of a different gender, toy soldiers, and children made of other materials.

But what about using these mini figurines as coat hooks? Will these help your child hang their coats well just because the hooks are interesting enough and will always catch their attention?

Drawer Handles

When you have old drawers and you might want to replace them, don’t just throw them yet. Remove the handles and make them unique coat hooks.


Wooden hangers are a great piece for a DIY project, check out this unique coat hooks idea made of wooden hangers. You might just need to cut a part of the hanger so you could hang them like the ones in the picture.

Make sure to use good quality wood glue to make sure your coat hooks are sturdy enough to old your coats.

Construction Materials

There are plenty of construction materials you could use as coat hooks. There are C-Clamps, wrenches, and even paint brushes. All you need is to be resourceful.

Pipe Valves

If you think construction materials are the only ones that are good for DIY Coat hangers, then maybe you should think twice. You can also use plumbing materials such as Pipe Valves as coat hooks.

Spoon and Fork

Since we’ve already used construction materials and plumbing materials as coat hooks, then let’s go back to our kitchen and check out things that we can use to have a unique coat hook.

Do you think spoons and forks will be a great idea? I bet you do, check out these pictures if these will satisfy your preferences.

Other Kitchen Items

If spoons and forks work well, then other materials will also do. You can use rolling pins, cups and other kitchen materials available in your kitchen.

Technology and Gadget Hooks: Repurposing for a Modern Twist

In today’s rapidly evolving tech world, gadgets quickly become obsolete. Instead of discarding these old devices, why not give them a new purpose? Transforming outdated technology into functional coat hooks is an innovative way to recycle and add a modern twist to your home decor.

Here’s how you can turn your discarded gadgets into stylish and practical coat hooks.

Old CDs and DVDs

Have a stack of old CDs or DVDs that you’re no longer using? They can be turned into shiny, reflective coat hooks. Mount the CDs on a wooden or metal base and use a hook attachment where the hole of the disc is, ensuring that the shiny side faces outward. This not only recycles the CDs but also adds a futuristic look to your space.

Hard Drive Disks

The sturdy nature of hard drive disks makes them ideal for heavier items like coats and bags. Remove the disk from an old hard drive and attach it to a solid backing. Add a hook mechanism on the top or side depending on your preference. The metallic and industrial appearance of the hard drive disk will appeal to tech enthusiasts and add an industrial chic to any room.

Keyboard Keys

Keyboard keys can be easily repurposed into small hooks for lightweight items such as keys or jewelry. You can arrange multiple keys on a board to spell out words like “HOME” or “ENTRY”. Each key can be fitted with a small hook or a bent metal piece on the back for hanging items. This is a particularly fun and personalized way to add character to your entryway.

Old Cell Phones

Transform old cell phones into unique coat hooks by mounting them on a plaque or directly onto the wall. Attach a sturdy hook to the back of the phone, ensuring it can support the weight of at least a coat. This can serve as a nostalgic reminder of technology past and a conversation starter for guests.

Circuit Boards

Circuit boards from old electronics can be cut into various shapes and used as a backdrop for hooks. Their intricate patterns and bright components create an eye-catching piece of functional art. Attach hooks at strategic points and mount the board securely to the wall.

These tech-themed coat hooks not only help you declutter and repurpose old gadgets but also add a unique, modern aesthetic to your home, showcasing your love for technology in a functional form.

Lighting Fixtures Hooks

Repurposing old lighting fixtures into coat hooks is a creative way to blend functionality with style. Whether it’s the whimsical curves of old lamp parts or the industrial vibe of a vintage bulb, these elements can add a distinctive flair to your walls.

Here’s how you can transform various lighting components into eye-catching coat hooks.

Vintage Bulb Hooks

Old light bulbs, particularly those with interesting shapes or filaments, can be transformed into decorative hooks. Secure the bulb base to a sturdy mount, ensuring it can support lightweight items like scarves or jewelry. The glass part can be encased in a protective clear resin to prevent breakage and maintain its aesthetic appeal.

Lamp Base Hooks

The ornate bases of old table lamps can serve as a foundation for coat hooks. Remove the electrical components, and attach a hook to the top or side of the base. These bases often feature intricate designs and can act as a statement piece in your entryway or bedroom.

Chandelier Arm Hooks

Chandelier arms, especially from older chandeliers, can be repurposed into elegant hooks. Each arm can be mounted individually on the wall, and the existing holes where crystals once hung are perfect for adding small hooks or knobs. This setup is ideal for hanging hats, coats, and other accessories.

Light Fixture Canopies

The canopy part of a ceiling light fixture, typically used to cover the junction box, can be flipped and used as a hook base. Attach hooks around the perimeter of the canopy to maximize space. This works well in an industrial or rustic decor scheme, giving a new life to an otherwise overlooked piece.

Pendant Light Cages

Metal cages from pendant lights can be repurposed into unique hooks by attaching them vertically to the wall. You can place hooks inside or outside the cage, providing multiple hanging points for items. This is particularly effective in a kitchen or casual entryway, adding a touch of industrial charm.

Wall Sconce Hooks

Old wall sconces can be easily repurposed into stylish wall hooks. Remove the lighting components and use the sconce’s base as a mount for hooks. The decorative elements of the sconce will add elegance and character to any wall, making it perfect for hanging items in your entryway or bathroom.

Spotlight Hooks

Repurpose old spotlights by mounting them directly onto the wall. The spotlight itself can act as a holder for items like hats or even as a small shelf for keys and wallets. Attach a hook at the base or side for additional hanging space. This type of hook works well in modern or industrial-style interiors.

Fluorescent Tube Frames

Frames that once held fluorescent tubes can be turned into long, linear coat racks. Strip out the electrical components and install hooks along the frame’s length. This idea is perfect for entryways or mudrooms, providing ample space for hanging coats and bags.

Lantern Hooks

Old outdoor lanterns can be repurposed into quaint hooks. Detach the lantern from its post or handle, secure it to a wall, and use the top or handle to hang items. If the lantern is large enough, you might even use the interior space as a small shelf for additional storage.

Ceiling Fan Blade Hooks

Ceiling fan blades can be transformed into quirky, artistic hooks. Mount the blade to the wall with the wider part at the top, and attach hooks along the length or at the ends. Their aerodynamic shape and wooden material make them ideal for a rustic or farmhouse-style setting.

By repurposing lighting fixtures into coat hooks, you not only recycle old materials but also bring a unique lighting theme to your storage solutions. This approach not only adds character to your home but also underscores a commitment to innovative recycling.

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