Large Homes

What constitutes a large home and should we put them in a separate category?  Of course, ‘large’ is a relative term that will be determined by your own expectations and experiences.  But since we have previously determined an arbitrary area for both ‘tiny’ and ‘small’ homes – at 50m2 and 125m2 respectively , it seems only logical to do the same for ‘large’.

Australia and the USA have the largest average new home size at a bit under 235m2 (2.500 sq. ft.), but it is not unusual to find homes of 350m2 (3,750 sq. ft.) – after all, something has to make up the ‘average’. Accordingly, we think that if a home is twice the average for these countries, then it will definitely draw comments based on size alone.

As a guide, but not a rigid rule, the homes featured here will have a footprint greater than 470m2 (5,000 sq. ft.).


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