Easy to build rain barrel system

DIY Rain Barrel System - Water towers

Unless you live in a very wet climate, it’s always good to be able to collect rainwater for your garden. This watering system is a perfect solution as it doesn’t rely on a pump – just gravity!

DIY Rain Barrel System - Water towers

This watering system is relatively easy to build and uses an easy concept for delivering water to your garden beds. As long as you know how to use basic tools, you are sure to accomplish this project.

You can buy used barrels at a low price from companies that use them to transport products. But take note of what the barrel was used for and avoid the ones that have been used to hold substances not fit for human consumption.

You can also look for salvaged timber for building the elevating platform for your rain barrel watering system – a suitably sized, single-use pallet set on legs is perfect!. The platform provides your watering system with pressure and allows water to flow to your garden beds. No electricity, no complicated mechanism!

Worried about mosquitoes breeding in your garden? You don’t have to! Covering your barrels with a lid or gauze screens is all that’s needed to keep them out.


  • Barrel
  • Soaker Hose
  • Gutters
  • Small Awning
  • Faucet
  • Plastic Plumbing Fitting
  • Thick Rubber
  • Screen – to prevent mosquitoes
  • Reclaimed Wood/Old Pallets/Old Furniture – to elevate barrels for increasing pressure


  • Drill – with a matching drill bit for your faucet thread
  • Scissors/Cutter

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Thanks to Christine Hennessey for this great project. You can get step by step instructions here

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