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DIY Pantry Door Spice Racks – 4 Easy Steps

DIY Pantry Door Spice Racks
DIY Pantry Door Spice Racks

Not everyone can afford a spacious farmhouse-style kitchen. An expansive, well-ordered kitchen is beyond the bank accounts of most people these days.  So many of us have to deal with tricky kitchen storage dilemmas.

You either have to extend your kitchen to have more space, or you look for simple and inexpensive solutions, which is not always easy.

Storage space is only part of the equation. You might be able to achieve some semblance of order by cramming items into a few small kitchen cabinets, but then that will create new difficulties.

We’ve probably all experienced deep shelves where only a torch and a lot of shuffling can locate the item you’re seeking.

DIY Pantry Door Spice Racks - Finished Spice Racks

Narrow, well-planned shelves offer immediate visibility but where can you place those narrow shelves without losing wall space? The answer is on the back of your cupboard doors.

What are the benefits of a DIY Pantry Door Spice Rack?

As this homeowner knows, it’s a much cheaper and more immediate solution than an expensive kitchen redesign.  You can buy shelving similar to this but the cost was more than what she’s willing to pay. She decided to make her own. The result is this clever spice rack that hangs on her pantry door. This idea saves storage space inside the pantry and makes it easy for you to find and access the spices you need.

  • Time-efficient – A spice rack can be created in just a few hours.
  • Space-savvy – If you have a small kitchen, this rack is the best idea This will make your kitchen look bigger and more organized.
  • Accessible – This rack will keep the spices easily accessible and not take up your counter’s space.
  • Organize – A spice rack can easily organize your spice supply and make your kitchen look amazing. Such a lovely spice rack can carry all of your seasoning and herbs in one place without making you wander from cabinet to cabinet.
  • A spice rack will make you save the seasoning and banish all the chaos in your kitchen.

What are the materials needed to create a Pantry Door Spice Rack

The materials used to make a DIY pantry door spice rack project are fairly cheap. And it only requires basic tools and woodworking knowledge. You can finish this project in a couple of hours given that you have all the materials and tools needed.

All materials can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Materials list:


  • 10 pieces of 14” x 3” board 1/4″ thick as the long sides of the racks
  • 5 pieces of 13.5″ x 3″ board 1/4″ thick as the bottom pieces of the racks
  • 10 pieces of 3″ x 2 & 15/16″ as two small end sides of the racks


  • 15 pieces tox
  • 15 pieces screws
  • 15 pieces picture frame holder
  • Wood Glue


  • Hand saw
  • Power Drill/Driver
  • Sand Paper
  • Paint

How to make your own Pantry Door Spice Rack

1. Gather the materials

You may need to measure the dimensions for your project. With the exact measurement, you can now collect all materials and tools needed to proceed. Gathering all the materials needed is a must to save time running back and forth to the stores or inside the house if there are other materials required.

2. Glue the small boards together with the big boards

Glue the parts together forming rectangular storage using wood glue. After gluing them together, you can now apply the insta-set spray. Repeat to other sets of spice racks.

3. Paint the spice racks

Paint it in your favourite colour or you can just finish it with a wood finish to have a rustic look.

4. Attach the spice rack to your pantry door

Attach the spice rack to your pantry door using at least 3 screws. Make sure that the distance of the screws is enough to hold the storage securely.

Thanks to RobbyGurl’s Creations for this great project. You can get step by step instructions here

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