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Great Pallet Wall Projects

Pallet Wall Projects

Is there are boring spots in your home, particularly a wall? You can make it interesting by turning it into an accent wall. And it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune!

A pallet wall project is the best alternative to creating a cheaper but beautiful accent for your wall. Since, a pallet is a wooden frame that is used to store or ship a wide variety of products and is commonly used for transporting items by road, rail, water, and air, it will also be a great material to use for a pallet wall.

A pallet is made up of a pair of boards to which the load is attached by folding or fitting the boards together. The boards are held together by a series of cross-ribs, gussets, and other similar devices.

The most ideal material to use in making an accent wall is timber. But why spend money buying timber when you can make use of repurposed pallets.

You get the same result but much cheaper and possibly free. We’ve collected these accent walls made from reclaimed wood pallets to inspire you.

An accent wall is a special treatment on the wall of a room or building. It can often be confused with wall paneling, but actually is a very different material.

DIY Scrap Wood Pallet Wall - Apartment Therapy

A wall with an accent is where different types of materials and colors are put together so that they all come together to form a beautiful piece. Accent walls in a home add interest to a room, and they can be created using a variety of materials. In this case, we will be having a pallet wall accent.

The ever-popular, semi-practical, and often-missed pallet wall is a great way to add interest to an otherwise bland interior.

Pallets offer a variety of options when it comes to reconfiguring spaces and transforming them into a home’s focal point, but depending on the size of the pallet, finding the right aesthetic can be challenging.

Which room in your home needs a pallet wall accent? Check out the list we prepared for you!


You can use pallets as a unique design element in your bathroom. If you have an empty wall, you can use pallets as an accent wall in your bathroom, above the sink, or in the corner.

You can even place a mirror on top of the pallets.

Living Room

Turning your ordinary living room wall into an accent pallet wall is the best idea. But if you want to live with a pallet accent wall, you should use pallets that are made from sustainable materials like recycled pallets or chipboard.

You should not use pallets that are made from sawdust as they are not made from approved materials.

Bedroom Wall

The use of pallets as a bedroom accent wall is an excellent way to add a rustic element to your room. A pallet wall can be used in any type of room, although it looks best in a bedroom.

The pallet wall is an excellent accent for a rustic type of room and it will also help the room look larger!

You can also experiment with adding colors to your pallets by painting them! These will not only give any of your rooms a unique rustic look but will also help brighten up your and your family’s mood.

So what are you waiting for, check out the gallery for additional ideas for pallet wall projects?

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