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8 Awesome DIY Projects to do with Timber Offcuts!

Chic DIY Projects to do with Timber Offcuts!
Chic DIY Projects to do with Timber Offcuts!

Most DIY projects and all building sites end up with random length offcuts. Even with the best planning and purchasing, it’s almost impossible to finish a project with all your materials used up.

So what do we do with these leftovers?

Wood Plank Projects

Here are some beautiful ideas to help you use excess wood planks in your storage. Some of these use off-cuts that are too short for most furniture pieces. Some, on the other hand, are ideal for excess wood planks you haven’t used in your previous DIY projects.

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If you’re looking at this post knowing your timber bin is empty, just head to your nearest building site. Ask if you can go through the skip bin. You might just be amazed at what you find there!

Wood Plank Projects

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Check out these DIY projects that will help you use excess materials from old projects!

Wall Planter

If you’ve got one or two wood planks, you can use them for your space-saving herb garden. Simply attach mason jars and mount them on the wall!

You can also use very short offcuts for an artificial plant wall feature. These are good DIY Projects that will help you beautify your homes.

Garden Bench

Left with two whole wood planks? Then why not make a garden bench if you don’t have one yet? This bench design from Ryan Frank is easy to do!

A bench is a useful piece of garden furniture that makes it more comfortable to sit outside in the garden. These DIY projects will make any garden more enjoyable and can also be used by more than one person at a time.

Drum Barrel Planter

Most of the time our wood scrap storage is full of wood planks of varying colors. Well here’s one beautiful DIY Project that proves you can use them all in one project! Check out this drum barrel planter.

Dining Table Centerpiece

You can also use your pretty wood planks to create a centerpiece like this one from Shanty 2 Chic!

A centerpiece can make a small dining room look larger. A centerpiece can also transform a drab dining room into a lovely table setting.

Floating Wine Bottle Holder

Why not make a DIY wine bottle holder for your wine-loving friends? Who doesn’t love wine? These DIY projects will be the envy of your friends.

This floating wine bottle holder is one of those cool things that you never knew you needed, but once you get it you’ll be amazed at the potential for awesome that it unlocks in your life.

We all know that wine is best when it is served at the right temperature, but keeping it at the right temperature can be a challenge. This floating wine bottle holder is simple and elegant, and it helps you keep your wine at the perfect temperature.

Wall Decor

Have a wall in your home that needs simple decor? Paint or put some accessories on those wood planks! Easy and pretty!

Hanging Shelf

Rustic wood planks make great shelves! To make it even more stylish, use belts, ropes or metal tubes for hanging them.

Picture Frame

A house seems empty without memorable photos displayed. You can also use small wood planks for a unique ‘picture frame’ such as the ones found on Piston Life. Want it displayed on a table? Simply attach a stand using wood scrap, too!

We hope this helped you with ideas you can finally make with excess wood planks filling your storage. If you have another good idea, don’t hesitate to share it with us in the comments section below! 🙂

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