DIY Kitchen Storage

It seems there is never enough storage in the kitchen. Our busy lifestyles encourage us to buy more labour-saving devices, espresso machines and slow-cookers. Everything needs a space. We hope these ideas help you ūüôā

DIY Projects for Kids

Kids! Sometime they ‘drive you crazy’ but the joy they bring is worth it. Here are some projects for kids ‘ rooms that will put a mile-wide smile on their face! Don’t forget that we also have projects for kids to do over in our Little Fingers section…

Your Pet’s Home :)

DIY Chicken Coop - The Owner-Builder Network

How could we forget our furry friends? Whether yours are inside or outside pets, there’s something here for you…


We’ve all met¬†people whose definition of camping is staying at a three star hotel. It seems that the definition of a cabin is just as fluid, from the ultra rustic to the highly refined. No matter where you sit on that spectrum, there’s something here for you!

Simple Solutions

Have you ever tackled a task time and again and then seen the simplest way of doing it better or more easily? The image below shows the most obvious example. If you’re not used to being on the right end of a hammer, there’s a big chance your thumb or fingers will experience the wrong […]

Day Beds and Reading Nooks

A gorgeous daybed cum reading nook by Battle Architects

A cold winter’s day, the sun streaming through the window, a good book in hand. Is there really anything that can compete?

Wall House

Shizuoka, Japan – Keiji Ashizawa Design Project duration: 2007 – 2009 Photography: Michael Nicholson If you are going to look at this house from the street, you wouldn‚Äôt be able to imagine that a very different and beautiful landscape awaits inside. This has to be one of the most extraordinary houses there is; a perfect […]

Barn Homes

Once a barn - now a vacation home

As the urban spread continues, increasing numbers of farms end up as semi-rural or urban subdivisions. Sometimes, the farm homes are saved, sometimes demolished so as not to detract from the McMansions about to grace the landscape. Usually, the outbuildings are demolished and end up either burnt or as land fill. Occasionally, the recyclers may […]

The Queens Park Residence

The Queens Park Residence - Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia – CplusC Architects and Builders Photographer: Murray Fredericks Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer ūüėé If you liked this, you will also like viewing ‚Ķ

Rustic Bathrooms

Are you thinking of redesigning your home to achieve a rustic look? The best place to start is the bathroom. There are lots of ways to achieve a rustic bathroom design. If you‚Äôre living in an area that has scenic views, you can get inspiration from nature. Rustic bathrooms are well suited for homes that […]


Unique Crib Ideas Main Image

If you have or are planning on building a two-storey home, your staircase is unquestionably a major feature. The first landing is very likely to be right at your entry so appearances count! We trust these ideas will help you with your decisions on style, width, the number of landings and even the colours you […]


The bedroom! Intimate, colourful, muted, retreat, games haven… so many interpretations. Whatever your interpretation of a bedroom is, we hope you’ll find your inspiration here.

Our Media Kit

It's coming 'real soon now'...

OK… we have to be upfront about this… There are Media Kits and then there are MEDIA KITS. ¬†Ours is a media kit with lower case m and k¬† ūüôĄ ¬†We figure that one day we’ll have the time to put a real one together. Right here and now, we can tell you that we […]

Log and Timber Frame Homes

Superb detail is evident throughout the house

Log homes… love them or leave them! ¬†There simply doesn’t appear to be much in the way of a middle road. The admirers talk about visual and physical warmth and sense of permanence within nature’s embrace. Critics see only dust, bugs and very big dead trees. For that reason, we’ve included Timber Frame homes in […]

Things That Inspire Us

A fan, Tiggy Sav. motivated this album with her comment on our ‘House Rules’ post. The first eight images in this album were forwarded to me at least five years ago. Whenever I think things are getting ‘too’ hard, I think of this dog, Faith. It was only you good people that unlocked the mystery […]

The Little Things that Amuse Us…


You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase – “Pay peanuts, get monkeys”? ¬†Well, we don’t get paid at all so we think it’s very important to have a sense of humour (humor to those with the wrong dictionary)! ¬†If you can add to these, please email us at [email protected] . ¬†If you prefer to send money – […]

The Weird, The Wonderful and The One Offs

For all the things that defy categorization. The world is, thankfully, full of enthusiastic people with great imaginations. These are the people who help us to see the world differently, make us smile unexpectedly and stimulate good conversation.  Here is a sampling of some of the weird and wonderful ideas we’ve come across… Have you done something […]

Food Ideas

Food Ideas

We all have our favourite recipes and our favourite snacks. In this album we want to tempt you with some wonderful food ideas – for breakfasts, parties, kids and anything else you can think of. Many of these have come from fans. If you’ve got a favourite food idea you’d like us to add to […]

Large Homes

What¬†constitutes¬†a large home and should we put them in a¬†separate¬†category? ¬†Of course, ‘large’ is a relative term that will be determined by your own expectations and experiences. ¬†But since we have previously determined an arbitrary area for both ‘tiny’ and ‘small’ homes – at 50m2 and 125m2¬†respectively¬†, it seems only logical to do the same […]

Vacation Homes

Vacation home, cabin, beach shack, lodge, weekender… we call them by many names but they all should serve the same purpose – a place to relax away from the everyday world. Many¬†achieve¬†the dream and watch it turn to a nightmare as¬†comprehension¬†dawns that they now have two home to maintain. The homes here are chosen due […]

Small Homes

Big? ¬†Small? Tiny? ¬†By what criteria? ¬†In some parts of¬†the¬†world, 50m2 (550 sq ft) would be considered normal. ¬†India and China both come to mind. According to a British BBC report (2006), typical new home floor areas are as follows: UK ¬†– ¬†76m2 Ireland ¬†– ¬†88m2 Spain ¬† – ¬†97m2 France ¬†– ¬†113m2 Denmark ¬†– […]