InSinkErator Evolution Excel – the Mercedez-Benz of food garbage disposals!

InSinkErator Evolution Excel

If you can’t compost your scraps, you have two options – landfill or a waste disposal unit. Surprisingly, a waste disposal unit (WDU) may be the more environmentally friendly option of the two! However, the challenge with many WDU’s is that they do not grind the waste sufficiently leading to clogging of your drains. Another […]

Sengled Pulse – music and light as one!

OK – I’ve been a part of the tech scene for over 30 years and I really thought I was pretty much over the tech ‘wow’ factor. But these Pulse lights definitely rate a big ‘WOW’. On the one hand, it’s one of those classic ‘why didn’t I think of that’ inventions. On the other, […]

Eight beautiful rain chain ideas

Rain Chain Ideas

Need to have your downspout replaced? Instead of buying boring pipes, why not make rain chains using recycled materials? Rainchains are a wonderful alternative to downspouts. Rain chains don’t only manage rain water but also decorate your home’s exterior. They are widely used in Japan, where houses wear them like dangling jewelry! There are several […]

How to make a paracord-laced hanging pallet chair

Paracord Pallet Hanging Chair

Pallet furniture is a chic DIY trend that anyone can get into over a weekend. Using the pallets as a starting point, you can create countless projects for the home. You can stain, stack, paint, and finish them any way you want. It’s a cheap alternative to buying new furniture. Of course, the special bonus […]

Get creative with rattan ball patio lights!

Rattan Ball Lights

If you’re thinking of a good patio lighting that you can use all year round, then this inexpensive project is for you! Simply replace rattan balls to suit any season or occasion… Plain rattan balls can be easily found in your local dollar store by the bag. You can customize these using spray paints that would […]

Awesome DIY garden art ideas

Garden Art

Want to add a little whimsey to your garden? Flowers and colourful plants surely bring life into our homes, but sometimes we still feel the need to add more to make it merrier. If you – or your children, think your garden needs more life, these garden art ideas can turn your yard into a wonderland! […]

Products every lazy person needs when cleaning

Lazy People Products

We might not want to admit it but we all get lazy at times. Hey, it’s normal! And it’s normal to wish there were easier ways to clean around the house. Would these cleaning products help you in your most dreaded chore? If you’re used to conventional ways of cleaning you’ll consider the people using these products as […]

Wonderful Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Amazing Ways to Display Indoor Plants

Want to know how to improve your home interior using indoor plants? One or two of these beautiful ideas for displaying your plants might just suit your home! Indoor plants are perfect elements for brightening up a room, but displaying them could be a challenge to some of us. This is why we’ve collected amazing ideas that would enhance your […]

DIY Gabion — Rock Walls Without Concrete

Gabion Walls

Do you have heaps of rocks in your property or around your area? Did you know that you could use those rocks to build garden walls and fences — without using concrete? This type of fencing is actually better than concrete walls in a number of ways… They are called Gabions — wire cages or baskets filled with rocks […]

Awesome Hanging Lounger Made From Recycled Pallets

Hanging Pallet Lounge

If you want a really cheap, fun piece of outdoor furniture to really relax on, then you might want to consider a hanging lounger made from upcycled pallets! Pallets are hardwearing and sturdy, which makes them a good material to use when making your own hanging lounge. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of the must-see […]

The DeWALT DCS331M1 20V Max Lithium Ion Jigsaw Kit

When 'electric' became interesting...

OK, I can hear you asking… what has an electric Flymo mower got to do with a DeWALT 20V jigsaw. Well, a surprising amount. Let me explain… Years ago – OK, so it was many decades ago, Flymo hit the market with a truly innovative idea – a light, easily maneuverable, hovering lawnmower that was electrically […]

Port-A-Mate 7000 – The ultimate work-stand?

If you intend to use your work-stand for more than a single project, you need to seriously consider the value equation of cheap and nasty versus quality and functionality. Like all tools, you tend to get exactly what you pay for. Before deciding on this unit I looked at a range of stands starting at […]

The Evolution of the Air Bed!

neverFLAT© technology means your bed stays at the same firmness throughout the night

After a six year old decided to use our old air bed as a trampoline, it was time to go on the hunt for a new one. We don’t use it often, but we do enjoy a little extra comfort when we do go camping and, of course, there are always those times when there […]

New building panels could mean big savings for home-owners

These NU-TEK panels could mean big time and money savings for home-owners

A panel-based structural building system developed in South Australia promises to transform the building industry by dramatically reducing the time and cost required to produce a finished home. The innovative approach to home construction, developed by NU-TEK  Building Systems, involves the use of structural, load-bearing wall panels whose edges are embedded with interlocking steel beams. The […]

Bark Studio

Bark Studio - Mezzanine Level

Noosa Hinterland  Q  Australia  –  Bark Design Year built:     2001 Built area:     100 m2  (1,080 sq.ft.) Awards: Royal Australian Institute of Architects:  Sunshine Coast Building of the Year Royal Australian Institute of Architects:    Beatrice Hutton Award for Commericial Building Architecture Australian Steel Institute:    Architectural Steel Design State Award 2003. […]

Timber Finished Floors – Which One Is Right For You?

Bamboo flooring is very durable and available in a range of colours

OK, carpet may be soft underfoot but there are so many reasons why it’s time for change. If you have ever been present when carpet is pulled up, you have seen the mountains of dirt you thought you’d vacuumed away with your weekly clean! Those millions and millions of fibers are wonderful at catching, trapping […]

Building Plan: DIY Small Open Shelf

Your bathroom can be one of the messiest parts of your home.  Partly this is because it is normally the smallest room of the house.  The other reason why our bathrooms get messy is because of the amount of products and items that get used while we’re in there. The best solution to keep your […]

JAG Grill

JAG Grill for 8 People

Throughout history we’ve loved to gather around the fire while preparing or enjoying a meal… to share, reminisce, love, or just stay warm. This 3-In-1 Grill (Grill / Fire-Pit / Table) is perfect for such occasions. JAG Grill combines all of the things you need in your outdoor area. It’s a great table where you […]

Tables with Built-In Cooler/Planter

Don’t settle for a single function outdoor table and find one that can give you more. And these tables with built-in cooler/ planter have a lot to offer. The built-in cooler in the middle of the table keeps your drinks and food chilled. Just fill it with ice and your guests’ favorite beverages, then you […]

Ingenious DIY Shoe Storage Projects

Walk a mile in my shoes! Do you have lots of shoes lying around your house? Here’s a collection of DIY shoe storage projects that will help keep those shoes organised and off the floor.   All you need to do is choose an ideal space in your home where you’ll store your shoes, gather materials […]

Space Efficient Bed With Storage

Do you need more storage in your bedroom, but lack the floor space for additional cabinets? The space under your bed is great for extra storage, but you don’t have to buy a new and expensive storage bed. We’ve put together a collection of space efficient storage beds. They’re completely DIY, making them cheaper than […]

Wagner Smart SideKick Roller

Painting jobs are fun. But when it’s a huge one already, even thinking about the time and effort to finish it can be dreadful, right? Well, this will solve the problem. Wagner’s Smart SideKick roller takes out all the inconvenience of the old tray-and-roller. It’s very easy to use (and even easier if you read the […]

Black&Decker BDCDE120C 20V Max Lithium

If you’ve ever driven a screw halfway through your board because you forgot to adjust the torque on your drill, you’ll appreciate this new arrival in the handyman section of your tool shop.     This new cordless drill from Black & Decker sure comes in handy for DIY projects. It has autosense technology, with […]

How to build a space-saving hanging shelf

Here’s a unique looking set of hanging shelves made with steel cable and turnbuckles. It’s easy to build and very affordable. This hanging shelf system makes a great conversation starter in your living room. Hanging shelves made from steel cable and turnbuckles are something you don’t see in most homes. Aside from the unique design, these hanging shelves […]