Constructive Eating Construction Plate

Constructive Eating Construction Plate

There are kids who love to eat, but there are also those who spend the better part of meal times to finish their meal… Regardless of how much time it takes your child to eat or play with their food, this constructive eating utensil and plate set will definitely make eating more fun for them! They […]

Bear Paws Meat Handlers

BEAR PAWS Pulled Pork Claws

Shred hot meat that’s hot off the grill or smoker in a fast, effortless and fun way with these bear paw meat handlers! They’re made of nylon that can stand up to 475 degrees of heat. It’s BPA free and FDA approved so you need not worry about getting harmful chemicals into your food. Its handles stay cool […]

Cake Batter Dispenser with Measuring Label

Cake Batter Dispenser

No one in the family will ask “how come she got the big one?” ever again with this clever cake batter dispenser! This cake batter dispenser has a measuring label that allows you to neatly dispense a consistent quantity of batter. That means you’ll always get equal sized cupcakes that will then bake evenly. You […]

Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop Cutting Board

Joseph Joseph Rinse and Chop Plus Cutting Board

This is what happens when a strainer meets a chopping board! This Joseph Joseph kitchen utensil acts like any regular chopping board when laid out, but enables you to rinse food straight after cutting as it folds into a chute with a sieve. It has a non-slip bottom surface and edges for sturdy use and storage. […]

This spiral cutter slices vegetables to noodle-like shape

iPerfect Kitchen Vegetable Spiralizer

Eating healthy is easier and more fun when you can create beautiful and delicious looking vegetable dishes. You can do just that with iPerfect Kitchen Spiralizer, when you can prepare your salad and vegetable meals in noodle-like form! “With so many spiraling options, I was nervous that I would pick the “wrong” one, or  wish that I ordered another. […]

DIY Portable Tin Can Rocket Stove

Are you planning your next camping trip? Butane canisters for your portable stove need to bought and carted. There’s a much better alternative! Next time you head off for a camping trip, why not make your own portable tin can rocket stove? Rocket stoves are an excellent example of appropriate technology that cost you next to […]

Multi-Tiered Mini Cakes

“Mini cake – Maxi Impact!” What really impressed us about this multi-tier cake pan were the user raves! They love it and NO, the cakes don’t stick but apparently come out easily – yes… in one piece! Each cake is good for two to three generous serves. “Wow!  I thought this would be a good […]