The Sonic House Truck

Truck House

Most people dream of homes with picket fences. Ok, maybe not with picket fences, but you get the idea. But not for this couple who live in this 1980 Bedford TK turned tiny mobile home – their dream home. As children, both of them craved a life of adventure so it’s no surprise that they live in […]

Quilt-inspired tables from salvaged wood

Quilt Tables from Salvaged Wood

Whether you go to a local recycle center or a council-provided green bin, it’s never been easier to get household junk processed back into useful raw materials. But that takes energy, and one has ask: “Why spend all that energy when this ‘rubbish’ can surely be turned into something useful?” Yes – the beautiful table […]

Creative ways to repurpose galvanized buckets

Repurposed Galvanized Buckets and Tubs

Have you got an old galvanized bucket or tub that doesn’t serve any purpose at home anymore? Well, this list might just crowd your mind with repurposing ideas that you would want to do with it! Used galvanized buckets exhibits the beauty of rustic. And the more they age, the better they look! They become more precious to people who enjoy the […]

From rusty van to cozy camper

Camper Van Conversion

This camper van conversion is one of the most impressive stories we’ve come across! Why? Because it’s not just about an old van converted into a camper. It is also about a story of a young man who bravely stripped his good but ordinary way of life down to the basics and built the adventurous world he dreamed […]

Not Just Another Brick On The Wall…

Climate change is real. Our world is getting warmer. It’s happening and it’s not going away unless we actually live the advocacy for a greener and sustainable environment. And just like what we value most in our lives, care for the environment starts at home, literally. Is your home green? We’re not talking about the color […]

Antonio La Cava’s Mobile Library

Antonio La Cava Mobile Library

Antonio La Cava decided that after 42 years of teaching, he can do more to spread the love of reading to children. So in 2003, he bought a second-hand Ape motorbike and modified it to create a portable library known as the Bibliomotocarro. It contains 700 books, which La Cava bought all with his own money […]

Wall sculptures made from reclaimed wood

Wild Slice Designs Wood Sculptures

No – no trees were harmed in the making of these beautiful works of art. 🙂 Instead, Oregon based Wild Slice Designs searches for dead and discarded tree limbs to create these wall sculptures. And they just make us appreciate nature even more! For owners Ben and Nicole Labonte, this form of art serves as their avenue to express and share their […]

Creative ways to reuse your old sewing machine table

Upcycled Old Sewing Machine Table

Do you have grandma’s old Singer sewing machine table in your storage? If you do, then you’ve got yourself a gem! These old model Singer sewing machine tables are no longer sold in the market these days, but they are considered of high value, much like heirloom pieces. It’s not only because they are antique pieces, but more […]

Unique Crib and Cradle Ideas

Unique Crib Cradle Ideas

Expecting a baby for the first time? Then it ‘s also time to get that baby shopping list ready! First up, the crib! Now we know how exciting it is to buy a brand new baby crib, but here’s an idea that could be even more exciting. 😉 Make your baby’s bed even more special with these unique […]

Practical ways to use gabions

Gabion Used for Outdoor Cooking

Gabions are very strong structures that are typically used for erosion control, road building, and military applications. But did you know that you can also use them for many other purposes in your home? First, they were garden walls and fences. But now more and more homeowners are starting to build other things with gabions. And it makes complete sense! Not only are […]

Rabbit hutch ideas made from repurposed furniture

Rabbit Hutch Ideas from Old Furniture

Here’s an interesting DIY project for pet rabbit owners! This idea has gained various insights but it might just be the one some of you are looking for… Make a rabbit hutch by repurposing furniture items! Now before we get into the details of how to make one, it should be clear that this idea […]

DIY Compost Bin Ideas

DIY Compost Bin Ideas

Anyone who is growing or planning to grow their own produce should be composting as well. This ensures a healthy garden and a bountiful harvest. It’s easy, it’s free and it benefits the environment, too! To get started you’ll need a compost bin, of course! You can buy one but why not make one yourself using repurposed materials you might already have? The right […]

Dust Bath Ideas for Your Chickens

Chicken Dust Bath Ideas

Dust bath for chooks! Many people new to raising chickens are not aware of this, but it is one of the most important things chooks should have for overall health. It is as important as food and water! A dust bath is a way for chickens to stay clean – it is their version of showers in humans. […]

Creative ways to repurpose plastic milk jugs

Repurposed Plastic Milk Jugs Ideas

Several recent reports indicate the bleak global situation associated with the world’s use of plastic. Globally, people buy a million plastic bottles per minute.  Experts estimate that 91 percent of the plastic we use is not recycled.  To make matters worse, studies indicate that commerce and industry will sell over half a trillion plastic bottles […]

Shipping container converted into a chicken coop

Container Coop

If you ever think about producing fresh eggs for business, you’re definitely going to need an adequate and proper chicken coop for that. But what is a ‘proper’ chicken coop in the first place? According to the author of the book entitled “Reinventing the Chicken Coop”, a chicken coop should be comfortable and safe for the […]

Clever chick brooder ideas

Chick Brooder Ideas

Whether you just want fresh eggs, learning to be more self-reliant, or want just your own home-grown chickens for meat, you’ll find raising chickens is a perfect solution. It’s easy, too, once you get the basics down pat. Planning on raising chicks in your backyard? Then you are going to need this list of clever brooder ideas. 🙂 […]

Genius ways to repurpose dresser drawers

Old Dresser Drawer Repurposing Ideas

The dresser is a sturdy mainstay in almost every bedroom. However, daily wear and tear can put even the best ones into disrepair. Have you seen a discarded set of drawers that you just know you could do something with? Or perhaps you’ve already got a worn out dresser with really beautiful drawers? If you think […]

Trash your garden will love!

Trash Garden Will Love

Are you throwing that banana skin after you’ve finished eating? If you grow plants, you most probably already know  the uses for banana peels in the garden. But if not, then hold on to that banana peel and learn how your garden can benefit from it! And it’s not just banana peels which can be used […]

Chicken Water Station Ideas

Chicken Waterer Ideas

Lots of people will tell you raising chickens is fun but most of us want to keep it as simple as possible. Maintaining the coop and keeping their food and water up and clean can be a challenge. Anything that can solve the usual concerns regarding backyard chickens is welcome and we’ve previously featured a great chicken feeder. Now it’s time […]

Chicken nesting box ideas

Nesting Box Ideas

If you are raising chickens for the purpose of having your own supply of eggs, then a nesting box is an essential in your yard. Now while there are many stores where you can buy  nesting boxes from, there is a better option for you… Repurpose to make your own nesting boxes! It is easy to DIY a […]

Old vehicles given new life by turning them into chicken coops

Vehicle Chicken Coops

What can you do with a beat up vehicle just left to rust in a yard? The first thing that can come to mind is to take its pieces apart for different upcycling projects such as a tailgate wall bench  or perhaps a rim coffee table. But even if you slowly dismantle an old vehicle, chances are you’ll still end […]

Privacy Screen Ideas for Your Outdoor Area

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

Think your outdoor living area needs a little more privacy? Then here are some great DIY ideas that can isolate your space, yet still allow for the enjoyment of the outdoors! Spending some time to unwind on a well-decorated and furnished yard or patio can be the next best thing to going on a weekend beach getaway — especially […]

Stylish Sliding Barn Door Ideas

Sliding Barn Door Ideas

Want to replace the door of a certain room or storage in your house? How does a rustic barn door sound? If you like the idea, then this album is going to help you with the first step — deciding on how your barn door will look! All the door ideas included in our album below have a […]

55-Gallon Metal Drum Project Ideas

Metal Drum Projects

A used and empty drum just lying around a yard is an ugly sight. Some will just walk past by it, while others can see the amazing potential an ‘ugly’ metal drum has. If you’re one of those who own (or have access to) metal drums but don’t have much talent in turning ‘trash’ into treasures, […]