The Stonework of Johnny Clasper

Eye of the storm - Johnny Clasper

Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK – Johnny Claper Johnny Clasper trained as a bricklayer.  Fortunately for the world, most of his work seemed to revolve around stone, not bricks.  During his apprenticeship he had the opportunity to work with a number of stonemasons, drystone wallers and sculptures.  In our opinion, Johnny has moved from apprentice to master.  What do […]

My Earthwork

My Earthwork – Thea Alvin

Vermont, USA – Thea Alvin In the world of dry stone building, Thea is an absolute legend although she is extremely modest about her skills,  always pushing credit toward others.  She lives for her work and travels widely learning new skills and techniques while sharing what she has to give. We’re proud to be able […]



Are we ever too old to have a swing? With so many gorgeous designs and styles available, it’s hard for the inner child in us not to pop up and say “I want that swing!” Most of the examples shown here are DIY capable. All it needs is time, energy, and passion! A swing could […]

Cleansing the Soul – outdoor baths and showers

Cleansing the soul...

One of the greatest experiences in life – IMHO – is showering with a view.  Yet, for most of us, our bathroom is the exact opposite… an area designed to exclude the world from viewing us and hence us from the world. My bathroom looks out onto a private courtyard garden.  It’s good, but it […]

Gardening Ideas

Cauldron Planter

Simple things give simple pleasures… A garden is a thing of joy and peace for the gardener and everyone who sees it.  Gardens are as individual as those who garden them  –  some are formal, others ramble haphazardly and there is everything between! We often see ideas that make us think “Now where can I […]

Lost in Antiquity

House in France

Lost but not forgotten History has long since forgotten the names of the builders.  Fortunately, those same builders were so skilled that we can still marvel at their workmanship. Click on any image to start lightbox display.  Use your Esc key to close the lightbox.  You can also view the images as a slideshow if […]

Sunny Weiler – Stone Art

Stone Mosaic

Stone Art West Cork – Ireland Sunny has been working with stone for almost 10 years. His mission with Stone Art is to combine unique artistic designs with high quality stonework. He achieves this by combining his BA degree in Fine Art and Sculpture with his talent for and love of, working with stone. Sunny strongly believes that […]