How to Make a Crocheted Hammock – 7 Simple Ways

DIY Crocheted Hammock

Want a hammock for your porch, but can’t find one that suits your taste? Why not make your own? An outdoor area is never complete without a place to sit and relax. A hammock is one of your best options. It’s a great place to relax and take a nap. Installing a hammock doesn’t require […]

4 Easy Steps on How to Make Your Own Mosquito-Repelling Citronella Candles

DIY Mason Jar Citronella Oil Candles

It’s a beautiful, balmy night. You decide to sit out and do a little star gazing. Wonderful… until the mosquitoes find you! Human skin is a myriad jumble of fragrances. The bacteria living on our skin emit more than 200 odour chemicals. Mosquitoes are drawn to those odours. That’s why they swarm your barbecues and evening porch-sitting, […]

Build A Creative Living Playhouse For Your Kids

Living Playhouse

The digital age is a blessing and a curse. It allows us all, kids included, to expand our universe beyond anything our parents could have imagined. On the other hand, all too often, kids spend countless hours glued to a screen instead of ‘doing’. In our childhood days, playing in the backyard is our only […]

Awesome Swing Set Ideas for an Enjoyable Summer

Swing Sets

If you have some decorating plans for your home this year, then you should consider including a swing set in an outdoor-space makeover. Summer will be warmer than usual this year – perfect for lounging around the backyard or the patio, and enjoying new outdoor furniture. During summer, even if you are in the shade, […]

Awesome Hanging Lounger Made From Recycled Pallets

Hanging Pallet Lounge

A hanging lounger is a type of hammock that is suspended from a frame or stand. They are a popular choice for people who want to relax or nap in the outdoors, as they provide a comfortable and supportive surface to lie on. Hanging loungers can be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, […]

6 Root Cellar Ideas – Best Alternative Storage for Your Extra Produce

The idea of root cellars has been around for centuries, way before refrigerators were invented, and is still being utilized today. It’s an effective way of storing and preserving root vegetables and fruits such as carrots, potatoes, beets, turnips, apples, etc. A cellar is a storage space located below the frost line in the ground, used […]

An easy guide to replacing manhole covers

Manhole covers aren’t exactly sexy, right? I mean, you don’t wake up in the morning saying, “Hey… today is manhole cover day”! So we, the good guys at Drainage Sales UK, are going to make a topic that may be perceived as a little boring, a lot more creative, engaging and interesting. No, we can’t […]

JAG Grill

JAG Grill for 8 People

Throughout history we’ve loved to gather around the fire while preparing or enjoying a meal… to share, reminisce, love, or just stay warm. This 3-In-1 Grill (Grill / Fire-Pit / Table) is perfect for such occasions. JAG Grill combines all of the things you need in your outdoor area. It’s a great table where you […]

15 Most Creative Makeshift Swimming Pools to Beat the Heat

Looking for an interesting, creative, or economical way to make your own swimming pool? A makeshift swimming pool is a swimming pool that is not big enough to hold all of the water needed for a full-sized swimming pool; the water is held in a large plastic bucket that is fitted into a shallow pool. […]

Cheap and Cheerful Pallet Fencing

Need to build a fence? Here’s an unusual and inexpensive solution – pallet fencing! They’re cheap and cheerful yet easy and remarkably robust! There are many purposes for fences and they vary widely depending on what is needed. A fence can be used for privacy and security, and some are even used for decoration. It is […]

Fire Pit Swing Sets

Love relaxing around a fire and also like the occasional gentle swing? This fire pit swing set combination is for you! Swing sets are great fun, but they are usually only enjoyed by the kids during the summer. But with the advent of swing sets, the fun of swinging has now become available even during […]

Do Swimming Pools Really Add Great Value To Your Property?

Before adding a swimming pool to your home, it pays to consider your medium-term intentions. Will you still be living there in five years? A pool is a major expense. But is it an investment in anything more than leisure? A pool can increase the resale value of our homes and may even shorten the […]

4 Incredible Outdoor Showers

Want to take showers after a strenuous and messy day in the garden to relax? Then a nice outdoor shower is a great idea. It allows you to come home clean while keeping the mess out where it belongs. Showering can improve your mental health in several ways. For one, the act of showering can […]

5 Unique Upcycled Tree Stump And Log Ideas

Have you cut down a tree and wondered what to do next? Maybe you’re still struggling with a stump or two. They’re tough to remove by hand and a stump grinder doesn’t come cheaply. Instead of paying to remove your logs and stumps, why not turn them into something beautiful and let the removal be done […]

Creative Courtyards

A well designed courtyard offers both visual and aural privacy

Well-designed courtyards offer both visual and aural privacy. A courtyard can offer exceptional privacy even in the middle of high-density housing. Both are important when so many homes today have so little space separating them. A courtyard is an enclosed area, often located in the centre of a building or home, that is open to […]

Fun DIY Swing Projects

Do you love to spend quality time outdoors? Then you’ll surely enjoy what we’ve collected here. We’ve hand picked these DIY swing projects to inspire you to build one. Yes! you can build one yourself, and it’s not as hard as it may look. These projects are fit for people who are new to DIY […]

Awesome Hexagon Stepping Stones Designs

DIY Hexagon Stepping Stones - Design and draw

Hexagon stepping stones are a great way to accent the hardscaping in your garden or yard. They can be used to add personality to the design, and to help create a theme throughout your yard. Stepping stones can be used to build a path, or to decorate around a pond or fountain. Hexagon Stepping stones […]

A Sturdy DIY Cob Oven

Why order pizza when you can bake your own? Not only do you save money, but you’re also sure that what you serve your family is fresh and nutritious! Serving freshly baked pizza and bread in your outdoor living area is a great way to entertain your family and friends. But you don’t have to […]

Creating a Durable Backyard Walkway with Flagstone

A backyard walkway or garden pathway using flagstones? Why not? These flagstones can be cut or shaped to size, but their most common sizes are 3” x 6”, 4” x 8” and 2” x 2”. Flagstone is made from a variety of rock types and is used to create a wide range of hard surfaces. […]

Elegant and Creative DIY Backyard Pergola Ideas

Pergolas not only add aesthetic charm to your property but are also practical when it comes to protecting you from too much sun. Pergolas can give you protection from too much sun, so you can enjoy your yard more without getting too hot. This structure is great for any yard as it adds magnificence without […]

7 Easy Steps To Build A Rain Barrel System

DIY Rain Barrel System - Water towers

Unless you live in a very wet climate, it’s always good to be able to collect rainwater for your garden. This rain barrel watering system is a perfect solution as it doesn’t rely on a pump – just gravity! This watering system is relatively easy to build and uses an easy concept for delivering water to your […]

5 Useful Steps To Build A DIY Pine Wattle Fence

Pine wattle fencing (or wicket fencing if you’re in the UK) is a fun family project. Many trees and shrubs are suitable for the materials and it is a totally hands-on experience. In fact, there’s not a nail to be found. With a little imagination, this idea can be used all around the home to […]

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Projects

Do you enjoy cooking and being outdoors and close to nature? Then creating a space that combines the best of both worlds is ideal for your lifestyle. How many times have you missed entertaining and spending quality time with your friends and family because you’ve been busy cooking in the kitchen? Creating your own outdoor […]