How To Make Wonderful Glowing Photo Luminaries | 4 Easy Steps

There’s nothing nicer than receiving a personalized keepsake or attending an event where extra effort has been made. Photographs play an important role in our lives – they connect us to our past, and they remind us of people, feelings, places, and stories. They can help us to know who we were before – and […]

100% Stunning DIY Mason Jar Lantern

Looking for a great outdoor decorating idea? Light up your yard with these DIY mason jar lanterns… Get ready to shine! If you’ve been thinking about creating a pretty outdoor ambience for your summer parties, but you don’t have a lot of cash to spend, don’t worry. Outdoor lighting is a vital part of securing […]

7 Super-Easy Steps To Create A DIY Tire Ottoman

Old tires – Hard to get rid of and bad for the environment. What’s the solution? Turn them into an ottoman! Burning or landfills are both unwelcome ideas for disposing of worn-out and damaged tires as they cause health, safety, and environmental problems. This is why recycling, repurposing or upcycling old tires is an alternative encouraged and done by many. If you have […]

100% Luxurious DIY Wood Slice Mirror

Looking for a weekend DIY project? Then this DIY wood slice mirror could be for you! A mirror is a device that reverses the image and shows you what you look like. It is only a reflection of your image. However, as humans, we tend to look at the reflection in the mirror and think […]

Creative DIY Tiered Hanging Pots

If you’re interested in going vertical with your greenery, why not make one of these tiered hanging pots? All you need is a bit of scrap wood, some rope, a few essential woodworking tools, and terracotta pots. Vertical gardens are trending in gardening now and everyone is trying to find innovative ways to grow plants […]

How To Create A DIY Hemp Pendant Lantern – 8 Creative Steps

No matter where we spend our day, eventually, we come back to our home where we relax, eat, and spend time with our family. We all want our home to look beautiful and clean. We feel proud when anyone praises our house for its decor and beauty. But – most of the time – finding […]

Home Decorating

Home Decorating - Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Apeldoorn, Netherlands – Couzijn van Leeuwen Click on any image to start lightbox display. Use your Esc key to close the lightbox. You can also view the images as a slideshow if you prefer 😎 You’ll find a link to a video below the image gallery.  If you liked this, you will also like viewing […]

Simple yet Creative Decorating Ideas

Redecorating can be a real challenge for several reasons. You will need to think of decorating ideas that would likely fit your preferences. First, it can be difficult to decide what changes to make. It can be helpful to look at magazines or online inspiration boards to get concepts. Once you have a concept of […]

Christmas and the Festive Season

Despite the religious significance, Christmas is now celebrated all over the world by Christians and non-Christians alike. Perhaps because of its global reach, the holiday has taken on a more secular meaning in recent years, with people of all faiths and backgrounds coming together to exchange gifts. It is becoming increasingly common to see Christmas […]

Studio 55 – Gregori Robinson

Art meets function...

Delta  Ontario  Canada  –  Gregori Robinson We first came across Gregori’s work about a year ago. For the past 25 years, he’s been creating unique pieces of stained glass, windows, doors, furniture, countertops, signs and architectural accents.   Gregori is an internationally acclaimed designer, dedicated to the renaissance of Art Nouveau. He owns and works […]

Outstanding Stained Glass – many coloured splendours…

Stained Glass

The origins of stained glass are lost in antiquity. What is certain, is that religious architecture refined the art to a new standard, becoming the western benchmark.  Stained glass is a special glass that has been treated. It is used a lot in churches and makes it such an interesting place. Stained glass can be […]

Extraordinary Furniture Ideas

Pieces of furniture are an essential aspect of any home, and extraordinary furnishings can help add a unique sense of taste to any place. It seems to us that the world is full of clever people designing and inventing wonderful things. Furniture is a very important aspect of home decor. The overall aesthetic of the […]

3D Art or 3D Magic?

Felice Varini - What the eye sees

3D art is a type of artwork that is created using three-dimensional objects. This type of art can be created using a variety of materials, including clay, metal, wood, plastics and even paint. This art is often used in advertising and packaging, as well as in sculptures and paintings. 3D living isn’t new, but these […]

Creative Whole Tree Architecture

Tree architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and other structures using trees as the primary structural element. Tree architecture can be used to create a variety of different structures, including homes, offices, museums, and even bridges. The concept of using ‘whole trees’ or parts thereof has multiple benefits.  Of course, there is […]

Breathtaking Mosaic Projects


Mosaics have been used for centuries as a means of art and expression. They are often seen in public places such as parks, squares, and some homes. There is something about their bright colours and patterns that makes people happy. While they may require a bit more time and effort to create, the results are […]