Building a Home With Pets in Mind: Practical Strategies for Saving Money

Home Pets

At least 87 million American households have pets and spend generously on medication, food, veterinary care, and other pet-related expenses. Most people treat their animals as part of the family and consider their needs when remodeling or building a new home.  However, building a home can be expensive, but you can maximize your cost savings by […]

Efficient Strategies to Keep Chickens Warm Without Electricity

Keep chickens warm in a heated chicken coop.

Don’t let your chickens endure the winter chill! Ensuring their warmth and comfort is an absolute necessity for their well-being. While electric heaters may seem tempting, the associated energy bills can be quite shocking. Additionally, some scenarios may not make electric heating a sustainable choice. Fortunately, there are several efficient and eco-friendly strategies to keep […]

How to Design Your Home to Be Pet-Friendly

Many homeowners put up with homes that aren’t suitable for their pets. They might not be adequately fenced or have materials that aren’t durable enough for the wear and tear of excitable dogs. When the time comes to start designing your dream home from the ground up, pet-friendliness is likely one of the factors you […]

10 Creative Toys for Your Backyard Chickens

Toys for Chickens

Chickens enjoy getting busy. Most of the time, they are constantly rushing around, scratching, and pecking at stuff. They are social creatures and like to interact with other chickens. It’s important to give them plenty of things to keep them busy. A coop with a lot of wood shavings, an obstacle course with toys and […]

6 Repurposed Furniture as Awesome Rabbit Hutch

Rabbit Hutch Ideas from Old Furniture

Here’s an interesting DIY project for pet rabbit owners! This idea has gained various insights but it might just be the one some of you are looking for… Make a rabbit hutch by repurposing furniture items! There are many reasons why you should get a bunny as a pet. Even though a lot of people […]

6 Clever Chicken Dust Bath Ideas

Chicken Dust Bath Ideas

Chicken Dust Bath is essential! Many people new to raising chickens are not aware of this, but it is one of the most important things chooks should have for overall health. It is as essential as food and water! Dust bathing serves as the avian equivalent of cleanliness, akin to humans indulging in showers. This instinctive […]

6 Creative Chick Brooder Ideas

Chick Brooder Ideas

Whether your aim is to enjoy a constant supply of fresh eggs, nurture self-sufficiency, or savour the taste of homegrown chicken meat, raising chickens emerges as an ideal and easily attainable solution. The journey is simplified once you grasp the fundamental principles. But first, you’ll need a perfect chick brooder for your chooks. Raising chickens […]

Chicken Water Station – 6 Creative Ideas

Chicken Waterer Ideas

Lots of people will attest to the enjoyment of raising chickens, yet the majority of us seek to simplify the process. Managing the coop, along with ensuring the provision of clean food and water, can often present a notable challenge. Anything that can solve the usual concerns regarding backyard chickens is welcome and we’ve previously featured a great chicken feeder. Now […]

6 Creative Chicken Nesting Box Ideas

Nesting Box Ideas

If you are raising chickens for the purpose of having your own supply of eggs, then a chicken nesting box is essential in your yard. Now while there are many stores where you can buy nesting boxes, there is a better option for you… Repurpose to make your own chicken nesting box in your backyard. It is […]

11 Fabulous Dog Bed Design Ideas Your Pets Will Enjoy

Dog bed design ideas

If you have a dog, it’s a friend for life. They’re always excited to see you, always happy to see you, and always happy to be near you. They’re like a built-in security system because they’re always on the lookout for anything suspicious and if you see a dog just sitting there, he’s watching you […]

A Creative DIY AT-AT Cat House

A cat playground for a Star Wars fan! Even if you aren’t a Star Wars fan (is there anyone who isn’t?), it’s hard not to recognize the creativity of this AT-AT cat house project. This is a project that looks good from the outside and absolutely fabulous on the inside! The detail shown in its interior is very […]

3 Essentials of Building a DIY Pallet Chicken Coop!

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop - Chicken House Legs

Chickens are among the best helpers in the garden. They are excellent at shredding compost. They are also good at plucking weeds, moving mulch, and digging holes in the soil if you need them. But raising chickens does mean some added responsibilities, and foremost among these is keeping them safe from predators. For this, you […]

Unique and Cozy Dog Beds from Wine Barrels

DIY Wine Barrel Dog Bed - Sand and Scrap

Dogs are not just pets – they’re family. If you are looking for a beautiful bed for your furry friend to sleep in, this might be for you! It is a bed that is definitely worth the price. It is a strong, long-lasting and comfortable bed that will last for many years to come. The […]

Build a Homemade Chicken Coop with These Easy Steps

Homemade Chicken Coop - Hen house siding

Backyard chickens are great at eating kitchen scraps and bugs in the garden (and providing free eggs in return), but they do need somewhere safe at night, from predatory animals. That’s why you need a homemade chicken coop if you have chickens in your yard. Here’s a homemade coop that impressed us. If you have […]

How to Build a DIY Repurposed Swing Set Chicken Coop

DIY Repurposed Swing Set Chicken Coop

Need a chicken coop? The A-frame of an old swing set could be used to build one! Raising a small flock of chickens in your backyard allows many benefits. Obviously, the birds are a source of fresh, healthy eggs. These chickens not only provide you with excellent fertilizer for your garden but are also contributing […]

DIY Chicken Coop

DIY Chicken Coop

There are so many advantages to raising your own chickens. Knowing where the eggs have come from and how fresh they are is just the beginning. They’re fun to keep, help control garden pests, recycle your food scraps and, as any kid will tell you. they make great pets. So… since they give so much […]

The Kitty Loft: Your Cat Will Never Ignore This Idea!

People have made pets of cats for thousands of years. Those who love them form unique connections with their feline friends. Perhaps it’s because our furry pals have long provided us with comfort, camaraderie, and unconditional love. Cats are an unending source of kisses, cuddles, claws, and laughs. Anyone who has ever spent time with […]

DIY Cat Tower – Affordable Project for Your Furry Friend

While many cat owners love the idea of their feline friends having a designated place to sleep, some are not so thrilled about the idea of a cat tower taking up space in their homes. If you’re looking for a way to keep your cat off of your furniture without sacrificing space in your home, […]

Great Home Office Cat Transit System

Do you have a cat that needs entertainment and distraction from the furnishings? Then this idea could be for you! This transit system goes around three sides of the room, with one end giving the cat access to the top of a display cabinet. It also includes some windows so that it can have a view […]

Astounding DIY Old TV Dog Bed

An old TV console is a piece of furniture that was traditionally used to house an old-fashioned television and other AV equipment. Today, you can use it to house your media players, gaming consoles and media accessories. Or here’s a project your pets would surely appreciate! astounding Turning an old TV console into a pet […]

Green Oasis – Cat Heaven

A paradise for pets

Santa Barbara California  USA  –  Trillium Enterprises, INC The design brief was a peaceful, get away from it all, paradise. The result is this four bedroom, two and a half bathroom home where people and animals co-exist surrounded by lush gardens and playful colours.   The design is totally cat friendly with cat walks everywhere.  And […]

Gold Paw – 4 Expensive Homes and Furniture

Gold Paw

Hand-made feline heaven – Gold paw Gold Paw! It’s a familiar story… Stefan Hofman had a cat. The cat, Mowgli, being a typical cat, needed entertainment and distraction from the furnishings. The outcome is Goldtatze, superbly designed and hand-made. To a non-cat lover, this all seems a bit extreme, but, as an animal lover, the […]

1 Awesome DIY Cat Tent

In need of a cat tent? Tents are not only for people, but they can also be for our fur babies. Tents are not only an alternative to hotel or hostel accommodation; they are also a popular alternative to camping. There are different types of tents that cater to different needs. There are two- and […]

Pet Accommodation – Best Way to Treat Your Pets

Dog House

Most of us would agree that it would be a lesser world without pets. It is said that pets make you healthier! If you’re a pet person, do you share your home with your pets or do they live outside?   Maybe you’ve got one of those pets that thinks you’re sharing its home!  Either way, […]