Kona Residence – it’s all in the details

Kona - the grand entry...

Kona Hawaii  –  Belzberg Architects Built:   2010 Area:  740 m2 (8,000 sq. ft.) While a home of this size and in this location may not be on the bucket list for everyone, we think that there are so many innovative ideas, that it is a home worth featuring. We’ll rely on the architects to […]

Palmwood House

Palmwood House - London

London  U.K.  –  Undercurrent Architects Area:    Wandsworth Year Built:    2007 – 2008 Photography:    David Butler Older cities are littered with remnant spaces, abandoned workshops and other derelict sites. These sites are often outside of current site regulations and development guidelines. They often become dumping grounds for rubbish and sometimes, the homeless.  Undercurrent Architects has been […]

Red Hill House and Home Office

Building in under 'Queenslanders' is now common practice

Brisbane QLD Australia  –  Bligh Graham Architects Built: 1880 – 2010 The inner-city Brisbane suburb of Red Hill is well named.  The soil is certainly red volcanic loam and the area is certainly hilly,  In fact, very hilly.  Add in that most early Queensland homes were elevated for ventilation and it is now very common […]

The Nest

The nest

Onomichi City, Hiroshima Japan  –  UID Architects Lot size:     362 m2 (3,909 sq. ft.) Built area:    121 m2 (1,306 sq. ft.) Photography by:      Hiroshi Ueda It is always wonderful to see a truly unique design. Even the name, ‘The Nest’ is so appropriate. If you look closely, you will see that there are […]

The Shearer’s Quarters

The Shearer’s Quarters

North Bruny Island  Tasmania  Australia – John Wardle Architects Having spent a few weeks sailing around Bruny Island and the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, I can attest to the beauty of this area.  If it was a few degrees warmer in winter, I’d move there in a heartbeat.  In fact, if I could call The Shearer’s Quarters ‘home’, I […]

Simplon – Never a Dull Day…

Budapest's Simplon

Budapest  Hungary  –  T2.a Architects We show lots of ideas for houses but, if you live in a major city or many parts of Europe and Asia, there’s a big chance you will be living in a shared housing project that uses available land more efficiently.  When we look at most apartment/unit buildings, they tend […]