6 Beautiful Australian Timber Varieties

The Australian bush is a biologically wonderland, home to many many unique timber species. From the clean Blackbutt to the sophisticated Red Mahogany, you’re sure to discover a variety that matches your styling aesthetic.


Australian Beech

This heavily textured highland species of australian timber offers a wide spectrum of wood tones. From a light creamy hue through to a deep maple colour, this variety of timber would perfectly complement any room that requires an energetic and sophisticated edge.


Tasmanian Oak

Tasmanian Oak comes complete with its own aura. Everything feels solid and concrete with this robust timber flooring species. With a natural uniform tone. Tasmanian Oak will lighten the feel of any space. Pair this timber with a clean interior to create a cosy and simplistic living space.



Contrary to its species name, Blackbutt actually has quite a light timber shade. Rather, the name Blackbutt comes from this species’ tree form, whereby the bottom area of the bark is a deep black. Like Tasmanian Oak, Blackbutt creates a cosy feel to your room, thanks to its warm, but light shading. This classic Australian timber variety has a medium level of contrast, over a uniform texture.


This exquisite timber variety is a pleasant compromise between the heavy contrast of the Beech and the uniform texture of the Oak. Featuring pink hues and creamy textures, the Brushbox would suit a well lit area that lets the natural wooden texture shine.

Spotted Gum

Unlike the species we’ve explored so far, the Spotted Gum Australian wood variety features plenty of dark brown highlights, offering a bit of contrast against the warm beige we’re used to seeing. As the name suggests, the natural grade of this timber offers plenty of patterned wood features.

Red Mahogany

The Red Mahogany is a rather unique timber variety, displaying luxurious reds in its natural state. This cosy variety will offer an unrivalled warmth to any room, while also creating a feel of magnificence. The uniform colour of Red Mahogany boasts sophistication and elegance. Perfect for the cooler areas of your house.


For more information regarding timber floor species we recommend you take a trip to a showroom near you, whereby you’ll be able to ask professionals styling advice.

Flooring outlets like Australian Timber Company, will also provide invaluable styling and installation advice, you’ll certainly find that there are many installation methods and patterns to choose from.

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